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The dark half
Manufacturer: Pegaso
Category: Fantasy

by Nakatan

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The dark half

The dark half

Here is the second Warhammer Fantasy bust from my "Good bye, WHFB" series.
Now, it is time to say my faretheewell to one of the most characterful WHFB army, Dark Elves, and their cold harsh land, Naggaroth.
I chose the dark elf corsair champion to represent the rase, as the sea dragon cloak is a thing instantly recognized by the WHFB fan.
As usual, that was done without airbrush.
You can see most of conversion progress on my Patreon
A short step-by-step, regarding the axe NMM
Her light bound sister is here

So... Good bye, New World, good bye!

I last saw your face in a watercolour sky
As sea birds argued a long goodbye
I took your kiss on the spray of the new line star
You gotta live with your dreams
Don't make them so hard...

WIPs, step-by-steps and more on my Patreon

I`m accepting commissions. PM me, if you interested.

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Viewer comments:
#456111 Rating: 10 25 Apr 2017
Too pink for me but it is still twice better than antyhing else I have seen
#454209 2 Jan 2017
Uh, thanks!
#454116 Rating: 10 29 Dec 2016
Beautiful. I like the hairline. Attention to detail!
#452248 Rating: 10 13 Sep 2016
It is sooo 10...
#452021 Rating: 10 3 Sep 2016
awesome paint !!!!
#451892 Rating: 10 1 Sep 2016
Lovely art.
#451863 Rating: 10 31 Aug 2016
#451730 26 Aug 2016
Thanks, everyone. I`m really happy to see you like that girl.
#451728 Rating: 10 26 Aug 2016
Once again lovely piece of work by one of my favortite artists. The number of various textures is breathtaking and really defines this mini. The turtle shell on her shoulder is my favorite part. The skintones and face are also beautifully executed and extremely lifelike (and rather pretty). And dont despair - Warhammer is not dead as long ans people like us love and cherish it!
#451707 Rating: 10 25 Aug 2016
really nice






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