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Widowmaker Kapitan
Manufacturer: Privateer Press
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by U4Welcome


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Widowmaker Kapitan

Widowmaker Kapitan

Sorry about the repost. Seems I'll never get the right photo on the first try *sigh*.

When I first saw the concept art in Warmachine : Prime, I though "Wow, what a cool drawing". Then I saw the sculpt, and I thought "Wow, what a cool model". So obviously, when it came in at my LGS, I grabbed my Widowmaker squad and started painting the Kapitan immediately.

The sculpt had a few defects, but really nothing to complain about, which was a relief since Sorscha had been a nightmare of mold lines and flash. I softened the skirt and coat surfaces by painting a bit of watered-down PVA glue over them.

The mini itself wasn't easy to paint, as there are so many details to pick out (pouches, straps, and so on) and to highlight, of course. Since it was hard to paint 'within the lines' with all these tiny details, I used a lot of dark inks to blackline the edges.

I used the same color scheme I did on Sorscha, but I had trouble deciding whether I wanted NMM gold or standard gold. Since the only other Kapitan on CMON (as far as I know), painted by Fluffy, was done in metallics, and since I liked the sculpt so much, I went for NMM. As it is, I'm really happy with it, as it came out just right.

I payed special atention to the blending. The aim here was to get transitions as smooth as Cyril makes them. I think I succeeded (mainly by watering down my paints even more than usual), but it took time. He can paint a whole mini in 9 hours (I read that somewhere on one of his minis' description) - I can't. Furthermore, watering down paints is all well and good, but when you're close to an edge the paint tends to run along creases and ridges, which doesn't make it any easier. I had a few ideas for freehand, but first of all snipers usually don't wear flashy designs, and furthermore I couldn't paint her with more ornaments than Sorscha, the battlegroup leader. I mean, it wouldn't feel right having basic troopers look fancier than the general.

Then, the face. I'm really getting the hang of female faces. And while realism-freaks might scoff at this, in MY battlegroup, women are required to wear makeup before marching to battle (sue me ). This face was particularly easy to paint since there's only one eye . Note that the black eyeliner is really dark brown, and the whites of her eyes are really off-white. I find that decreasing contrast like this helps making faces more believable.

Finally, the base. As you can see, it's snow. At last, I managed to do snow. Yeah, I know, there are tutorials all over the place, what with mixing PVA glue, baking soda, and water to layer it on, but I didn't believe them. Well, they were totally, 100% right. I didn't, however, use blue ink on the snow, since I think there's enough blue on the mini as it is.

The pic was taken before I varnished the mini. Since it's a gaming piece, I'm going to put a lot of sealant and I didn't want it to interfere with the quality of the photo.

Still there ? Well, what are you waiting for ? Comment away !

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Viewer comments:
#108153 Rating: 10 29 Oct 2004
i really like your color's "cool" in both meanings of the word ofcourse!!
#107165 Rating: 9 21 Oct 2004
What if she shoots someone who's already a widow? Could we call her the Orphanator?
#88107 Rating: 9 5 Jun 2004
A top notch job... I am glad to see top quality Warmachine mini's appearing on CMON.... Thanks for sharing.
#74622 Rating: 9 19 Feb 2004
Absolutely a beautiful piece. You make me want to be a better painter. Keep up the great work, and thanks for sharing this with us.
#69303 Rating: 9 13 Jan 2004
Very good mini. It's the most extensive use of blue I've seen, very good use of nuances as contrasts. Your NMM technique is also very good, especially on the gun (but not THAT good on the sword and scabbard..). Good snow as well. As said, nice example of what you can do with different hues of blue and I'm really torn between thinking that you'd need yet another colour to add contrast and that it's enough as it is.. Well, keep on the great work!
#67537 Rating: 8 3 Jan 2004
Very cool.
#67074 Rating: 9 31 Dec 2003
Pfuittttt !! I like this mini., very...sweet ?!..Very good job, but my english is too bad for a good comment. Sorry. Mickaël P.S. I like your Bretonnian Princess to, of course !!...
#66957 Rating: 9 30 Dec 2003
Outstanding. The NMM gold is incredibly well done - in fact, I thought it was metallic paint until I read your blurb! - Jarrett
#66924 Rating: 8 30 Dec 2003
great job! I imagine the pur joy it could be to play with such minis on a tabletop game!!! keep on trucking!!!
#66736 Rating: 9 29 Dec 2003
Gorgeous miniature! I love the subtle highlights!






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