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The Warrior. Gold at SMC 2016. More close-ups
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Category: Fantasy

by Lan Studio


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The Warrior. Gold at SMC 2016. More close-ups

The Warrior. Gold at SMC 2016. More close-ups

I would like to present my version of these great sculpt. Also this is my first large scale model that I manage to finish
I entered him in SMC 2016 Fantasy Master category and he managed to get one of only two GOLD medals given.
Winner of "dievincies" team special award on SMC.
Winner of Monte San Saviono Show special award on SMC.

He is for SALE please leve me a message if you are interested

In this project I wanted to present him in warm sunlight and also to make different textures distinguishable like the linen cloth and his red coat also NMM armour.
I hope you like him!
Plese leve a comment what you think or what could be improved

I accept commissions, if you are interested in creating project with me please write to: pisarski.michal(at)


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Viewer comments:
#452860 Rating: 10 16 Oct 2016
Great metal, great skin, I think its great, all painting is stunning... But you ask for things to improve. Muscle structure, bottom part of chest muscle can't be so big looking on your painting its bottom part is bigger than middle, that's not possible. Next belly, abs starts bit lover. He need to have some ribs, and last his shoulder front part of muscle is not so huge. Don't know if its sclulpt or your painting but you ask for things for improve. I know your painting, you're one of the greatest but hey you're asking you got it. Nmm (if it is :p) can't believe it it's nmm or tmm.. great. Skin tones great. All miniature is great just point little things for improve as you asked but they're not your painting skills more like higher level of body structure. Pozdro
#452819 Rating: 10 13 Oct 2016
It's a masterpiece!
#452795 Rating: 10 12 Oct 2016
The work on this is absolutely stunning. Fantastic!






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