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30th Anniversary Space Marine Lamenters Chapter
Manufacturer: Games Workshop
Category: SF

by Lone Lemming


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30th Anniversary Space Marine Lamenters Chapter

30th Anniversary Space Marine Lamenters Chapter

I painted the SM this autumn.

SBS can be found in my WIP at

I won gold medal on the Hungarian Golden Gobbo painting competition in the Amateur Sci-fi category.

However some metallics were harmed during the painting of the mini, as this is the first one where I tried to merge my NMMs with TMMs.

Any comment would be appreciated.

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Viewer comments:
#454345 Rating: 9 10 Jan 2017
Lovely paint job (Awful sculpt - but that's not your fault )
#454313 Rating: 8 9 Jan 2017
great work
#454305 Rating: 10 8 Jan 2017
You captured the very essence of the Rogue Trader concept and style, and for this I salute you!
#454219 Rating: 8 3 Jan 2017
8.4 as I said in your thread the model is very well painted's clean with nice dirtiness and scrapes that break up the overall palette.. if I had to recommend what to do to get a higher score and again this is just my two cents, ide have Gina much darker between the shading and midtone. So where in the red brown family like dark flesh from gw.and maybe even mixing a tip head of black in with it in places like under the arms the groin area etc. this critic doesn't mean that it's not worthy of its award and merit at the Hungarian gobo.tenball has some great quotes one of them is "contrast,contrast,and oh yeah more contrast!" Keep up the great work bud.
#454199 Rating: 9 2 Jan 2017
Really nice work, Lemming. It was fun to watch this come together as you worked. I think the base is creative and interesting, without detracting from the paintjob on the figure.






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