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Tau Battlesuit
Manufacturer: Games Workshop
Category: SF

by nejoho

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Tau Battlesuit

Tau Battlesuit

I've been meaning to showcase my version of the SENMM technique for some time. It was just a case of finding an appropriate model to do it on, I think the tau battlesuit fits the bill prefectly. Hopefuly you'll agree that the result is 'not too shabby'. I realy enjoyed painting it and hope that you enjoy the view. Comments welcome as always. Cheers, and Happy Noo Year.

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Viewer comments:
#79780 Rating: 10 1 Apr 2004
I have been staring at this piece for 10 minutes now ... i have never seen anything like it before!! (and i mean that in a good way)
#75254 Rating: 10 24 Feb 2004
Man it looks like it just walked out af a cartoon/ comic book... so clean... I´ve never seen anything like it! love love love it
#73772 Rating: 9 12 Feb 2004
I's unbelievably perfect. Take it as a compliment to Your mastery that weaponzero was led to believe You were cheating. I would like to give You a 10, but thats only for dioramas in my scale so a 9 it is.
#73580 Rating: 10 11 Feb 2004
Nothing short of amazing here.
#73503 Rating: 10 11 Feb 2004
It's just great. Nothing more, nothing less.... keep up.
#73394 Rating: 9 10 Feb 2004
I like it. Not bad for a "fellow Gentleman from the NorthEast".
#73364 Rating: 10 10 Feb 2004
This is NOT a photoshop rendering. There are tell-tale signs when something been created in a photo program and this has none. It's excellently painted and obviously the product of a lot of time and effort... and OF COURSE the rock isn't going to be the same quality. It's just a ROCK, it looks fine. Bravo, nejoho! Well done!
#73349 Rating: 10 10 Feb 2004
I don't like cheaters, but I believe this piece is just beautifully painted. Maybe you're just jaleous, WeaponZero!
#72627 Rating: 8 5 Feb 2004
I"ve studied this picture multiple times. I've come to the conclusion that despite being a very nice image to view, that this is a photoshop rendering and not painted. The color texture of the blends, just the quality of the color does not match the color quality of the rock it stands on. The rock in my mind has the look and feel of painted application. I'm not intending to offend, but thats my comment. I still mark high the originality of the image.
#71574 Rating: 10 29 Jan 2004
10! People here have all tell you, I know, but I wanted to say I love your work too






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