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Tau Battlesuit
Manufacturer: Games Workshop
Category: SF

by nejoho

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Tau Battlesuit

Tau Battlesuit

I've been meaning to showcase my version of the SENMM technique for some time. It was just a case of finding an appropriate model to do it on, I think the tau battlesuit fits the bill prefectly. Hopefuly you'll agree that the result is 'not too shabby'. I realy enjoyed painting it and hope that you enjoy the view. Comments welcome as always. Cheers, and Happy Noo Year.

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Viewer comments:
#68544 Rating: 9 9 Jan 2004
Excellent work! The angle of the horizon on the shield doesn't look to be in line with the rest of the mini, but other than that it's superb. Any chance of a tutorial as to how you painted this model?
#68541 Rating: 10 9 Jan 2004
As good as it gets! Congratulations on the photograph as well. Two perfect exemplars of 'how it should be done'.
#68374 Rating: 9 8 Jan 2004
Wow, a lot of comments for something thats been up for 2 days, and as of this writing it has had 914 hits! I´m impressed! not just with the numbers, but with the overall job on the model, your technique is outstanding! I really like the addition of the rock on the base, it gives the eye something to connect the reflections to, and makes the model look more 3D. Beautiful work!
#68321 Rating: 9 7 Jan 2004
I like the use of grey instead of brown for the "earth" reflections; it effectively conveys a barren, alien world.
#68217 Rating: 10 7 Jan 2004
Simply amazing. I can't imagine the patience, experience and talent needed to achieve such a masterpiece...
#68006 Rating: 9 6 Jan 2004
A true SENMM mastarpiece, I can´t say anything else, it may be not optically perfect, but it´s the skill that counts!
#67950 Rating: 10 5 Jan 2004
Excellent. He looks really great.
#67938 Rating: 9 5 Jan 2004
It's a bit ridiculous to say this "flopped". It's a great job. Congrats on executing a very difficult technique! - Jarrett
#67910 Rating: 8 5 Jan 2004
Awsome. But like Deadite said, the horizon line on the shield should be curved not straight. Also, Id like to see more colors.
#67897 Rating: 10 5 Jan 2004 yyy.... I mean - masterpiece. The best senmm I've ever seen.






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