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Tau Battlesuit
Manufacturer: Games Workshop
Category: SF

by nejoho

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Tau Battlesuit

Tau Battlesuit

I've been meaning to showcase my version of the SENMM technique for some time. It was just a case of finding an appropriate model to do it on, I think the tau battlesuit fits the bill prefectly. Hopefuly you'll agree that the result is 'not too shabby'. I realy enjoyed painting it and hope that you enjoy the view. Comments welcome as always. Cheers, and Happy Noo Year.

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Viewer comments:
#67875 Rating: 9 5 Jan 2004
For me it's very strong 9 almost 10 beautiful work.
#67871 Rating: 9 5 Jan 2004
There's nothing floppy about the NMM on this mini at all. I've tried the NMM thing (to little avail) and seeing stuff like this makes me cry. My only quibble is the areas that aren't NMM...they seem sorta unfinished, but since you said this was mainly to show off the non-metallic metal, I say, "Well done."
#67847 Rating: 9 5 Jan 2004
I'm not a huge fan of the senmm, but this is one of the best I've seen. When I saw the thumbnail on "top last 7 days" I thought, "did this person paint the crisis suit in Humbrol chrome? Man that looks reflective" Then I looked at the larger pic and saw it was senmm....had me fooled. Which is the whole point. Fantastic.
#67844 Rating: 8 5 Jan 2004
Although techically the effect correct on each part of the mini individually, I felt you could have done more to get the SENMM to fit around certain parts (the shield looks flat not rounded) and there is no reflection of near objects. If a creature were that chromey, it would be reflecting everything around him (reflections of the sheild should be on the chest and thigh, reflections of the chest should be on the weapons arm, etc.). So although the SENMM looks good, it kinda flopped on the overall concept of reflection and a significant portion of shadow and light-source IMO.

#67843 Rating: 10 5 Jan 2004
Not a fan of NMM as such (as is well known) but I always appreciate technique. And this is awesome
#67841 Rating: 10 5 Jan 2004
This is just AMAZING... How long did it take to paint it like this?
#67837 Rating: 9 5 Jan 2004
Surreal man! The SENMM (of which I am not too fond) works very good on these kind of miniatures. Awesome.






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