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Countesse de Brionne
Manufacturer: Games Workshop
Category: Fantasy

by goatman

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Countesse de Brionne

Countesse de Brionne

Actually this one is a conversion based on the new plastic knights. Beautyfull minis, even if they could need some more details. GW gave out some of the new knights for a bretonian painting contest here in germany, so i was able to get my hands on one of them quite early. I thought of converting this knight into a female bretonian hero on a quest. So a nice big axe should do the work of the regular knights lance and some more details made a hero out of the normal plastic knight.

The painting was a bit insane ... i have to say chessboard pattern looks beautyful but i won´t do it again on such a big mini. Never ... or maybe ... no never. For the heraldiks i used some (or better a lot of) fleur de lis, since the knights laid down their family heraldiks when questing after the old background. After 70hours of painting i´m not so sure if i really want to start a bretonian army, but as a mini-adicted junky it is hard to say no, when having so nice lil pewter-dolls in mind

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#265128 Rating: 10 19 Jul 2008
Great paint job. The chess board paint is really nice. Some of your nmm aren't as smooth as they should be though, na just kinding they are top notch. Your freehands are amazing. I could go on for days but I'll stop here to not kill you of boredome.
#140652 Rating: 10 14 Jul 2005
Just a bloody good job mate, ive always had probs doin checkered stuff so i avoid it, but im lovin this model, perfect 10!
#94032 Rating: 10 17 Jul 2004
i think this a far better mini than the elf princess, great job
#92262 Rating: 10 3 Jul 2004
Very cool, I saw the pic of this mini in WD ("The winner of our contest...") and I thought "Now that's what I call a nice job!". Now I see it as a "Blast From The Past" on CMON and again I think: "That's just great!" Keep up the good work, it's amazing!
#91144 Rating: 10 26 Jun 2004
Very nice. Attention to detail is everything! Bravo! - Glyn
#70854 Rating: 10 24 Jan 2004
Very nice work. You've really deserved your firs place in the Bretonnian Painting competition from GW here in Germany. I hope I will paint in such a high level in years!

#70433 Rating: 10 21 Jan 2004
really beautiful !!!
#69005 Rating: 10 12 Jan 2004
A-W-E-S-O-M-E ! ! ! !
#68883 Rating: 10 11 Jan 2004
Great. Great great....... Bretonian army this way.... You will kill your oponent only with the beauty of the army.
#68864 Rating: 10 11 Jan 2004
Beautiful work, very nice to see on my screen.






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