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White Speaker
Manufacturer: Kingdom Death
Category: Fantasy

by vardek

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White Speaker

White Speaker

Hi CMON, here is the second Kingdom Death mini I painted, the White Speaker (35mm).

I realized from my recent works that I use too many colors and the final result tends to be a bit incoherent/chaotic, so for this model I wanted to try using a limited palette.
It is painted using only 6 paints: Scarlet Red, Pale Flesh, Pallid Wych Flesh, Ivory, Yellow Olive and Inktense Violet. All the colors on the model are some sort of mix between those 6. It was a surprisingly fun paintjob.

I also wanted to put her in a scene based on the available white speaker artworks, with stone faces on the ground and blood rivers. After some failed experiments with water effects I gave up and just sculpted the blood using milliput and painted it like any other part.

Hope you like it, comments and critique welcome.

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Viewer comments:
#455971 Rating: 9 17 Apr 2017
Nice job on this mini. Really well done with the limited palette.
#455864 Rating: 10 13 Apr 2017
"It was topical, it was erotic, it- I gave it a nine-point-five" - Charles Tweeter
#455825 12 Apr 2017
Thanks people!
#455815 Rating: 10 11 Apr 2017
The limited paints seem to work amazingly well! Nice skin tones and overall color. Base is awesome as well. Bravo!
#455812 Rating: 10 11 Apr 2017
One of the best I've seen of this !!!
#455807 Rating: 10 11 Apr 2017
great job ,well done






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