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Magnus the Red
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Magnus the Red

Magnus the Red

Hi everyone I want to show You my latest work Magnus the Red. He won overall best of show at Moson Model Show and Fantasy Grand Prix at Duke of Bavaria 2017. I hope You like it

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#464258 Rating: 10 17 Nov 2018
My jaw dropped when I saw this! So much detail! It's such a beautiful piece of work, the level of detail and palette is amazing! I can't help but stare at those glorious horny tits though. The mini is tits and this mini's tits are tits and the feeling I get from a tit's mini's tits is tits!
#460121 Rating: 6 3 Jan 2018
Very nice
#459141 Rating: 10 20 Nov 2017
#456598 Rating: 10 5 Jun 2017
Incredible Paint! Love the Wings. Congratulations!
#456554 Rating: 9 31 May 2017
Truly a masterful model, the blue-purple-indigo backing to the prominent red-yellows bring out a beautiful contrast. The details are all rich in colour without standing out too much, and the textures that are brought out with the various fine brush strokes are almost palpable, adding more onto an already rich sculpt, WITHOUT making it look too busy. The only SINGLE piece of critique i have for such a gorgeous model is the basing; Even though it might have been a stylistic choice to decorate it in a cleaner manner, i feel that it's a lost opportunity as you could bring out a large piece of flavour with it, describing the hell-scape of whatever Tzeentchian world Magnus is on. Nevertheless, this is a model anyone in the world could designate as a "centrepiece".
#456520 Rating: 10 28 May 2017
Amazing paintjob, by far the best I´ve seen on this model. The feathers, Skin and metals are simply incredible and are all perfect representations of Tzeentch.
#456507 Rating: 10 26 May 2017
That is a great job! Really amazing paint job on the wings!
#456483 Rating: 10 25 May 2017
WOW! 0_o
#456446 Rating: 10 22 May 2017
Fantastic, colorful, and those metals are incredible!
#456424 Rating: 10 19 May 2017
I never thought much of this mini until now. To me it always looked like a cheap plastic kit but now, when painted as you have done, it looks fantastic. The gold is my favourite with all the reflected colour nuances. In ten years I've probably given five or six perfect scores. Not that I don't think there are brilliantly painted pieces out there because there are, I just find it hard to give a score that implies nothing can be improved.






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