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The eye of the Beholder
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Category: Fantasy

by Antonio Fdez

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The eye of the Beholder

The eye of the Beholder

Hi everybody

I want to show you this work that I finished a couple of years ago. It's the biggest project I've done until this moment and the project that makes me feel happier with.

It's a tribute to my childhood and all the memories of my Dungeons and Dragons games in the summers.

I tried to show the classical group of characters and tell a little story about all of them.

The idea is that all of them have had enough time to choose their positions before the beholder hovered from the deep of the hole.

The elf has chosen a high and secure position to throw his arrows and has hit some of them.

The barbarian is in the closer point in order to make an attack with the axe under fury effects. But he has failed the shaving throw against the flesh to stone ray and is getting petrified.
The cleric has higher scores and has passed his saving throw and he is making a spell. I thought about Holy Smite.

The dwarf is protecting the wizard from the physical attacks of the spiders and have finished one of them and facing the others.

The wizard has passed the last turn preparing a spell that is using right now to protect them from the beholder's ray.

I hope that someone can have a good feeling seeing it and remembers some D & D game day.

I have to thank the advices and help of a lot of good friends that have made me improve during the process of this big project: The cursed monkeys crew friends, Cristina (rosfera), Javi (Arsies), Fran (fstar), Luis Gómez Pradal and Dani (Ferramis), and the Big Child boys Sergio Calvo, Jose Manuel Palomares, Ruben (Darthgollum)

I really hope you like it, but you know, the beauty is in The eye of the Beholder.

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#457687 Rating: 10 29 Aug 2017
Me encanta, has conseguido traerme grandes recuerdos de los dias enteros jugando a D&D y a juegos como el Baldurs, esos bichos eran duros . Trabajazo !!!!!
#457075 Rating: 9 10 Jul 2017
So good!!! Absolutely marvellous.

#457064 Rating: 10 9 Jul 2017
#457063 Rating: 10 9 Jul 2017
Amazing! Love the D&D feel of it! Can you please PM me how you did the fire from the wizards hand?
#456981 Rating: 10 1 Jul 2017
WOW, Beautiful work! so inspirational. thank you for sharing.






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