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Commander Stryker (Cygnar)
Manufacturer: Privateer Press
Category: Steampunk

by karoath

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Commander Stryker (Cygnar)

Commander Stryker (Cygnar)

This was a fascinating miniature. I wanted a him to look both intimidating and noble at the same time.

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#384563 Rating: 7 7 Dec 2012
I gotta say, it is nice and clean from bottom to top until I get to that sword blade. Being a large flat metal area it at least warrants some kind of a wash to add some depth to it. but, the bigger issue, is that the paint looks really really really thick and clumpy on it. With how clean the rest of the model is the blade seems to be really lazily painted.
#69174 Rating: 9 13 Jan 2004
this was the best stryker I've seen so far, Very good! The only two things that seem less then par with the rest figure is the blade and the base edge. I think you could have given the blade a bit more work (but no NMM, metallics are great!) and I personally like the black edges more on the PP bases.. but that's just my taste. Great freehands and a really cool touch with the blue metallics. I think I'll try this with my cygnar as well. The purple handle on the sword is also a nice touch.
#68703 Rating: 8 10 Jan 2004
The skin, the robe (an of course the freehands on it) looks great. The blade, not the handle (?), and the get the mini down. It seems to me, that you have been to lazy, to do these parts in the same way like the "NMM" on the robe! Sorry about the orc-english...
#68689 Rating: 9 9 Jan 2004
I hate the blade (not your fault-sculpters). I also agree with Wren; the paint on the blade looks kind of thick and bumpy (is it supposed to be like that?). The colour/pattern on the robe is very pleasing to the eye. While I couldn't paint close to this, I hope this has been constructive.
#68643 Rating: 9 9 Jan 2004
Fancy.. and nice color choice.
#68634 Rating: 9 9 Jan 2004
The armour is great, and the robes are just fabulous! The sword doesn't look quite up to the standards of the rest of the piece to my eye, though. Great job!

#68619 Rating: 9 9 Jan 2004
Great stuff. I love the blue sheen to the metallics. Pity they photographed a bit grainy.






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