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Virae, the Queen of Fiannas
Manufacturer: Rackham
Category: Fantasy

by HonourGuard


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Virae, the Queen of Fiannas

Virae, the Queen of Fiannas


after some months of working on gaming models and comissions, I can finally show something new again. Another little diorama. I loved this figure since I saw it on CMON about 10 years ago. It took some time to find the original blister with this model on ebay, but I found it...

I saved this figure to paint when I improved my painting skills more. And now few weeks ago, I just took her of my huge rackham box and started creating the diorama around it. Made really lot of fun creating dioramas with bark and it goes pretty fast compared to the painting process. For the colors I wanted to copy the cloak of Virae of the offical Rackham paintjob, because I loved the freehands and the blue/red color combination. Painted really many hours on the cloak but I wanted to push my personal limits here. And I wanted to have the freehand very clean well integrated in the undercoat. I think I invested about 80 hours just in Virae...probably I could do it faster or paint it more unclean on the back. But when I work on a single detail I can be a perfectionist and want to do my best, even if that means I have to invest more time. I probably would be a bad full time artist with that speed, becaus the prices would be too high.

For Sinshera, her "dog", I wanted to use a more colorful and interesting paintjob then I found in the net. And in the last months Sergio Calvo Rubio painted an incredible beast for Black Sun Miniatures, the mounted Savage Beauty, which is really stunning. I took this as inspiration and copied some patterns and color shemes. Wasn't easy because this model was lot smaller and some parts of the figure weren't that good casted compared to models from nowadays...and beside that Sergio is very, very good.

Really enjoyed the basing here, as I had a big break from creating sceneries like that on all my last works. Sure some of my bases look very equal from the stlye. But I think that is no problem. I love it and have fun creating it, so I continue with that...but sure it will be good to break out of this main pattern from time to time.

When I watch it completed now I am happy with the result. Sure I have always thoughts in my head what could be better, which color should have been different. But on one point you have to call it done. And that's it. I hope you like it.

Thanks for votes and comments

Best regards Oli

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Viewer comments:
#458230 Rating: 9 4 Oct 2017
its amazing, i loved this model when i first saw it way back and this version is beyond that.
#458132 Rating: 10 28 Sep 2017
Always a fun of your work and style, especially the way you build your bases! I wish I had your vision!!
#458129 Rating: 10 28 Sep 2017
That is a TRULY FANTASTIC scene. The base is SO WONDERFULLY crafted that the BEAUTIFULLY painted miniatures are almost a distraction. VERY WELL & IMAGINATIVELY DONE!






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