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Claudius Vardo - Emperor's Children
Manufacturer: Games Workshop
Category: SF

by ColonialRaptor


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Claudius Vardo - Emperor's Children

Claudius Vardo - Emperor's Children

Hello everyone, here we have Claudius Vardo of the Emperor's Children Legion. There is something incredibly fun painting a warrior who is part of a group so brazen and arrogant that they choose to colour their armour purple/pink in a way that is so much more brazen than the Fists and their yellow armour. It screams to their enemies "here I am, fear me for I do not care if you can see me".

This is the first to finish of the two models that I'm working on in conjunction with Jack from The Anvils of Konor he did a spectacular job putting this model together and I couldn't feel more honored to have the chance to paint him and I hope the base that I made for the scene has done the model an sculpt justice. I'm pretty happy with it in the end.

Please allow me some period of time to get used to the new Nikon D7100 camera as this is the first model I have captured using the new camera so they're not quite perfect yet (

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#459173 Rating: 9 21 Nov 2017
Lovely work!
#458909 Rating: 9 14 Nov 2017
Fantastic paint job... and yes I would definitely say you have really given this sculpt it’s just deserved paint job... I especially love the glow you have given to the back of the cloak, amazing !!! Well done






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