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Plague Champion of Nurgle
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Category: Fantasy

by FrankenNerd


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Plague Champion of Nurgle

Plague Champion of Nurgle

How about a duel mortal? I will fight dirty!
The plague champion finally done! Started painting this one back in october.
The armor was very interesting to paint indeed and demanded alot of different colors to get right.
TMM took some time to get the way I wanted.
Anyway enjoy!

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Viewer comments:
#460531 19 Jan 2018
@juldorak @ste2 @micha @fantasygames Thanks all! appreciate all the great comments
#460508 Rating: 10 18 Jan 2018
Great color choices! Thumbs up!
#460450 Rating: 10 14 Jan 2018
Truly extraordinary paintjob, both armor, skin and metals are a joy to behold. I can not think of a better way to paint a servant of nurgle. The base is great too -> a clear ten!!
#460426 Rating: 10 14 Jan 2018
#460316 Rating: 9 9 Jan 2018
Great Work and totally clean colours, and the base looks great too
#460278 8 Jan 2018
Chaotic Creations@ thank you so much awesome to hear! nickname@ Thank you very much Took a long time to achieve but well worth it. the metals were tricky but fun.
#460238 Rating: 10 7 Jan 2018
Exceptional work... oh my that blending of the armour is exquisite!!! You have turned out a fantastic looking mini, with a brilliant base to complete the piece!!! Well done
#460228 Rating: 10 7 Jan 2018
This is brilliant. Technically perfect, but never getting too smooth. Everything is clean and under control, but at the same time remains rough as it is appropriate for chaos champion. I especially like the metal blades.






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