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Alaine Female Paladin Ranger
Manufacturer: Reaper
Category: Fantasy

by SaxonAngel

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Alaine Female Paladin Ranger

Alaine Female Paladin Ranger

Painted as one of a set of the Seven Sisters from the Forgotten Realms campaign setting. All have silvery white hair, and are very beautiful and powerful. This is an interpretation of Storm Silverhand, ranger/bard of Shadowdale.

There is the Harper symbol on her tabard and some more freehand on the helm and sword crosspiece. The armor is supposed to be a combination of leather and plate. I decided to give the leathery plates a greenish hue, Vallejo Model Color Brown Violet, to complement the red browns of her other garments. It is also neutral enough that it doesn't conflict with the the blue.

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Viewer comments:
#98608 Rating: 8 20 Aug 2004
One word: Neat.
#86971 Rating: 8 30 May 2004
ok so its betwenn this and the amazon for my favorites of all your pieces, but i always liked storm. I give it an eight, simply because there is not a lot that is difficult to execute about this. But the technique is superlative. This is one mini where i think some source lighting maybe a sliver-blue glow from the blade of her sowrd would make a wonderful challeged and have huge impact-have you ever tried any of that? Also, a detail-could her hair ties not have picked up the blue, rather than the leather?
#86101 Rating: 9 23 May 2004
Whine... just another mini I also did recently, only yours is so much better...
#73215 Rating: 9 9 Feb 2004
I like how you handled the face. The casting method makes the left eye much higher than the right on these pieces, but your paintjob makes it work out well.
#69721 Rating: 9 16 Jan 2004
Very nice work, as I've come to expect from you. I especially like the sword, it looks quite shiny. You might want to read Ed Greenwood's [b]Silverfall[/b] (if you haven't already) to gain some more insight on the sisters. I'm very interested to see your interpretation of Sylune...
#69688 Rating: 9 16 Jan 2004
Yep All previous comments apply. Plus she's a Harper! Kudos for that as well!
#69635 Rating: 9 15 Jan 2004
I love her skin tone; she has a beautiful face. The white/silver hair just doesn't look right on such a young looking face (I know she's supposed to have it and its done well, but still.....not going to rate against it though). Lovely mini.
#69630 Rating: 9 15 Jan 2004
That is a gorgeous female.
#69610 Rating: 9 15 Jan 2004
Was going to go with an 8-8.5, but the face always sends it over. You do an exceptional job with the face and the lips.
#69600 Rating: 9 15 Jan 2004
Fantastic nmm! Beautiful freehand and good blendings. I also love the colour scheme.






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