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Jackson Class Atomic Tank 1/35 scale scratchbuild
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by dewberry1964


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Jackson Class Atomic Tank 1/35 scale scratchbuild

Jackson Class Atomic Tank 1/35 scale scratchbuild

I was inspired by a Tank in the online game World of Tanks. It was an April Fools day special, basically a rolling ball of steel. I used a clear ornament globe from a craft store and a raid on my spares stash to finish it off. It’s nuke powered with twin Tesla lasers in the 40 megawatt range. The top picture is my attemp at photoshopping the tank into a cool background. Play spot the part, see how many you can ID!

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Viewer comments:
#463230 Rating: 9 22 Jul 2018
Really cool.
#463219 Rating: 9 21 Jul 2018
very nice
#463143 Rating: 10 16 Jul 2018
I love it. I made russia tesla tank way back. Love this re-imaging of history
#463138 16 Jul 2018
I tried to use as many US tank parts as I could find out n my stash. The tracks ar from a Sherman. The fans are train parts with some other unknown stuff
#463135 Rating: 9 16 Jul 2018
Yup. All those stash raided parts like tracks, cupola, exhausts... me thinks Russian but it's been long enough between drinks that I'm forgetting things. Are the fan covers from a Tiger..or at least one of the German big cats? I think USA tank tools going by the shape of the shovel head. All WWII that is. My eyes don't allow me to build military stuff anymore. Oh yeah...and great idea too. I wish I was as creative.






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