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The last Time
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Category: Fantasy

by Banshee


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The last Time

The last Time

"The last time" - Pegaso Models
Pegaso Models Srl

A cuple of years ago I was lucky enough to participate as a judge and give a demo in EuRoma, a fantastic event where they treated me so great. Pegaso offered himself as a sponsor of the demo and offered me the possibility to choose any of his busts.

I have a great respect for a figure like Francesco Totti, legend of AS Roma and football reference for anyone who likes the concept of loyalty to a club (rare thing today). Thats why choose this figure for how much it looks to the character. I alwasy loved this figure. Is simple but super characterful and you can interpretate the volumes in a very free way. It is a PERFECT miniature to practice many topics. and a classic inside pegaso range.

The piece was quickly sketched in the demo, and I was stopped in my showcase for 2 years.

A few months ago I decided to resume it to make a very special videotutorial based on a color block technique, and a very interesting video that we are developing in patreon. a video whith topics such as skin, ambience, NMM, details and many more things are treated.

And there is also a photo step by step process of the skin on the magazine The Illustrated Historical Artist. Dont miss it as is a fantastic article.

Patreon subscribers can see the first two parts already published, the rest will come soon. ALSO THERE WILL BE A SPECIAL OFFER FOR THSI PEGASO BUST IN THE NEXT VIDEO SO STAY will be a limited offer.

Both explanations (video and magazine) complement each other but can be viewed separately. The truth is a very complete explanation.

ABOUT THE PAINTING AND MINOR CONVERSION. If people show interest I will post more pics explainning few things in case people find this useful.

I wanted to represent a mediterranean sunny day.
All effects like casted shadows and reflections on the NMM are painted obviously.

I imagined a successful gladiator, a survivor of many afternoons of glory coming out of the mouth door of the coliseum, with half a body still in shadows and the front gilded by the sun bouncing off the sand. I would look at the public, as Francesco totti had done for years, haughty, proud, aware that the wooden sword would be within reach of his hand ... one last battle in front of him, with the light of the sun bathing him completely and the cry of thousands of voices chanting his name ....


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