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Sha’Ael the soul trader.
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by Banshee

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Sha’Ael the soul trader.

Sha’Ael the soul trader.

The original design and sculpt is mine (the abyssal warlord bust i did for scale75 a few years ago), the same day that scale75 released the figure i was contacted by a friend who asked me to do another version for him. I told him that I would love to customize it to make my original idea of the abyssal warlord bust. 2 years in my studio, with many attempts to finish it. i brought it monte san savino 2 years ago but i was not completely satisfied with the paint and the first version of him, had a really bad hand that was bothering me during the show.. i was so obsessed with the figure ythat i brought it back to my studio and i started to fix all the painting and sculpting problems.. i finished it for my upcoming book during 2018 and this is the final version.

thanks to E. for his patience and support. I hope you feel happy with the fig

I consider this a scratch model, as the transformation is huge. About 30 cmts tall.

"Give me your life or your soul, but there are no disappointments for the god who watches you. I am the prince of temptation and the slave of your desires if you please me, you will love the colourful life until your time expires. But if you dissobey me, I will be the deathbringer, the corruptor of dreams, the collector of essences and beings. Give me your soul or Die."

He represents several people I have meet in my life. Cheers

Personal Collector.

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Viewer comments:
#464914 Rating: 10 17 Jan 2019
I like the skulls even in white-ish cold-ish version, but in my opinion not everything about the painting has to be 110% realistic. If they are more beige in RL it's OK, but on the photo I like the contrast between them and the red armor (great tones, btw). Somehow the white skulls + white on the standar + smoke in his hand give me the feel like the scene is happening in the winter. The only thing I would change is to give him stronger brow (I'm not a big fan of thin brows, especially on men, brings me back to '90s and trends about plucking your brows into thin, sperm shape, very meh). But it's just like, my opinion, man, and in the end everything that matters is the fact, that this piece looks simply amazing
#464901 17 Jan 2019
@Micha. agreed with the skulls but in hand they dont look like this. the problem and i didnt know how to correct it. is that the camera never balance the colors well with this one cause is huge (about 40 cemts) and somehow it flashes the skulls. but in hand you can see all these subtle changes of offwhiutes and different bone tones. a pity but i couldnt manage to make it look like in hand unfortunately. but your right that is the worst part howeverit has beautiful elements like the casted shadows of the chains on the skulls. anyway., great feedback and thanks!
#464872 Rating: 10 15 Jan 2019
Beautiful piece of work indeed, both painting and sculpting. The red armor is incredible, and so is the face. The cut-of head on the standard pole looks great too. The skulls on the belt are less great, too white, giving them a very unnatural look that clashes with the rest of the model. I´ve held real human bones&skulls in my hands many times, they have much more yellow/beige in them, even old ones.
#464864 Rating: 10 14 Jan 2019
Magic effect, rotting head, cool red armor, texture on the banner, it's all great.
#464842 Rating: 10 11 Jan 2019
Outstanding work bud.






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