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Wrong Neck of the Woods - Diorama Capital Palette
Manufacturer: Games Workshop
Category: Fantasy

by Sik Willy


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Wrong Neck of the Woods - Diorama Capital Palette

Wrong Neck of the Woods - Diorama Capital Palette

This piece was my first Diorama, which I named "Wrong Neck of the Woods". It earned a Gold Medal and took overall Best in Category (Diorama) in the Journeyman division at the Capital Palette awards at Nova Open.

I have always liked the wild nature of the beast men depicted GW lore, so I wanted to try a small ambush scene. It depicts a lone Orruk scout traveling through a dark forest as he wanders into the fringes of the herd's territory. As he rounds a bend under a small rock face, the lead Bestigor sounds the ambush as he steps out from his position behind a dead tree, brandishing the trophy of his most recent kill (a hapless human wandering too far from home). The Gor rushes forward, leaping over deadfall and the rock face behind the orruk, ready to plunge his axe and blade into the brute's back. Unfazed, the orruk stares down the bestigor, knowing that despite being taken off guard he is still more than a match for whatever they can throw at him, and relishes the opportunity for a good scrap.

Hope you guys enjoy it! Comments and such welcome as always

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Viewer comments:
#466936 16 Sep 2019
Thank you guys!! Looking forward to my next project!
#466914 Rating: 9 13 Sep 2019
Congrats on your win with this excellent piece!
#466905 Rating: 10 12 Sep 2019
Very nice work slicky bill!!! Lol






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