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Calantheas: Weapons Master of the City Guard.
Manufacturer: Foundry
Category: Fantasy

by Dragonsreach

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Calantheas: Weapons Master of the City Guard.

Calantheas: Weapons Master of the City Guard.

Calantheas: Weapons Master of the City Guard.
This is Foundry’s last limited edition to be posted free with any order. (At least for the time being).

He’s been sat on my desk to paint for about 6 months and I finally got round to painting him. Started, and then completed him, in one afternoon’s session. It wasn’t until I started that I really took notice of the amount of detail on the figure. It’s a really nice casting with no flash or moulding lines to deal with. There is only one weak spot and that’s the posture of the right hand, I’m not to sure what he’s supposed to be doing with it.
I have several more Foundry figures (Revenant Elves) and am now looking forward even more so to painting them as they are all of equal quality as this one.

He’s painted 95% in Vallejo Model Colours, with only the gems being painted with Citadel colours. The gems were given a slight wash with Winsor & Newton’s Emerald ink to blend them together and give a shine to their surface.

On the base is my first use of Woodland Scenic’s Snow, which is a really fun stuff to use. (I’m just glad I haven’t got a cold ‘cos that stuff is so fine it would be everywhere if I sneezed).

Hope you like him. As always comments and criticisms welcome.

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Viewer comments:
#419867 Rating: 10 19 May 2014
#158753 Rating: 10 7 Dec 2005
You did this in an aftrenoon? You must be a real speed painter. This Rox! Who're Foundy?
#77846 Rating: 8 16 Mar 2004
put this one in front of him to be a bit wicked.
#77838 Rating: 8 16 Mar 2004
I agree with Cerrrddww.... the Welsh lady. He could look great in a diorama with a prisoner in chains being dragged before him or a kneeling supplicant kissing his ring. (or you could give him a silver capped walking stick) Spectacular job except for that right hand looking so rough by comparison. Let me just add that you, my friend, have mastered the blues.
#75978 Rating: 9 1 Mar 2004
This is a really really great figure, great blending, great effects. It brings out the figure's character. I thought of posting a comment on this because as a mini it was very very different from the rest. Besides I really like elves and this one seems to stand out from the rest.
#72629 Rating: 9 5 Feb 2004
One afternoon "cries" it takes me one afternoon to put a wassh on , well done , absolutely great .
#72240 Rating: 9 2 Feb 2004
That is beautiful! The armor is fantastic... I'm not usually a fan of color-over-color (blue cape over blue-gray armor) but you nailed it. I particularly like his facial expression and the detail work on the right knee.
#72160 Rating: 9 2 Feb 2004
You completed that in an afternoon? Wow, that's really cool, Mike. As for the posture of his right hand, looks like an "on your knees" jesture to me.
#72090 Rating: 9 1 Feb 2004
I really like the colors that you used on him.
#72051 Rating: 9 1 Feb 2004
The shading on this model is awesome! Great detail work, especially the cloak. I agree with you on his hand. It looks like he was resting it on a sword but then they decided to take it out but left the pose. Great work!






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