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Kurgan Bloodcaller
Manufacturer: Reaper
Category: Fantasy

by mousekiller


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Kurgan Bloodcaller

Kurgan Bloodcaller


Kurgan Bloodcaller, worshipper of Khorne, breeder of dogs, and hoarder of harlots. Kurgan began life as a blacksmiths son in a small village on the outskirts of Erengrad, nearly one hundred and twenty years ago. His first twenty years of life were relatively sedentary, being apprenticed to his father. But, in the year 2420 a Goblin Warlord named Grom the Paunch poured across the north of the empire with a huge horde, the likes of which had not been seen. Kurgan immediately volunteered with the militia of Erengrad, feeling the call to war in his blood. Over the next two years, his prowess as a warrior earned him a promotions, and soon he led the bedraggled militias against the hordes. Wherever he went, victory followed, even when knights or regulars fled the unit known as the Sons of Kurgan stood tall. But into the second year of the war, something very strange began to happen; his rage in battle seemed to be relentless and would persist even after the fighting was done. He began to despise those around him as weaklings, particularly any unit that had fled from the enemy. But eventually, this became a commonality within his own unit as well. On a daily basis Kurgan could be found challenging those around him to personal combat, slaying all that accepted. This went on for months, until after another defeat to the goblin masses and an ordered retreat by the Lord Marshall of the Northern Forces, Kurgan found himself face to face with the commander. Challenging the man directly for his cowardice, the rage berserked Kurgan found himself surrounded by the Lord Marshalls personal guard, who began to beat him with the blunt end of their spears. The Lord Marshall then stepped forward and accepted the challenge from the now bruised and bloodied Kurgan, and defeated him. Dumping Kurgans body on the side of the road as the army continued its retreat.

“Wake, Kurgan” a voice in his head bellowed. “Your time in this world is not yet over. Wake, and go north. There you will find the challenges you deserve, and that are deserving of your blade.” And so Kurgan raised himself up, and without another thought began his trek to the Chaos Wasteland, to embrace his new master, Khorne. Upon his way he fought many battles, and destroyed many settlements, always taking either bone or woman as his prize. It was years later that Kurgan finally found a settlement in the far North, and soon began to gather the women he defeated to his harem and any female born were added to that number as well. With over 342 women in his Harem, the tribe has produced many male children as well, whom Kurgan refers to as his bastards.

Dressed in armour made from the bones of those he has slain, Kurgan knew that his purpose had been to breed MacDeath into life. Now, the true Bastards of Kurgan will ride to battle the likes of which they had never done..

Manufactured by: Reaper Miniatures Dark Heaven Model 02899 Death Knight
Sculpted by: Sylvain Quirion

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