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Skeezer, Night Goblin Big Boss
Manufacturer: Games Workshop
Category: Fantasy

by mousekiller


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Skeezer, Night Goblin Big Boss

Skeezer, Night Goblin Big Boss


Manufacturer: Games Workshop

Sculptor: Unknown

Skeezer, Night Goblin Big Boss and Chieftan of the Red Moon Tribe

Skeezer became the Chief of the Red Moon tribe through both cunning and luck. He was foraging in the lower peaks of the worlds edge mountains for mushrooms to help soothe his brothers (Snotgit) outbursts of magical energy, when he fell into a deep dark hole. In this hole he discovered a long abandoned dwarf hall, that showed signs of a great battle. In the center of the great hall lay the skeletal remains of a huge dragon, but more importantly, underneath these remains was a huge pile of collected treasure. Always one for moving up in the world, Skeezer knew that he had to somehow use this finding to his advantage, and so he payed a visit first to the current leader of the Red Moon Tribe, Bagnab. Bagnab saw great potential to take this treasure from Skeezer and just as he was about to order his death, Snotgit had one of his typical magical outbursts, causing enough commotion for Skeezer to escape. At this point, Skeezer felt that he had no other option but to gain the support of the most powerful Night Goblin of the Worlds Edge Mountains, Skarsnik. Paying Skarsnik a huge sum of gold, Skarsnik agreed to supply troops to Skeezer in return for the loyalty of the Red Moon Tribe to Skarsnik if Skeezer was able to take control of the tribe. Agreeing to these terms, Skeezer set off with a small contingent of night goblin levies to destroy Bagnab. Reaching the small village where Bagnab resided, Skeezer assaulted Bagnabs tent and easily overthrew the Chieftan. Though the remainder of the tribe was at first reluctant to accept Skeezer's leadership, he convinced them to move the village to his cave at spearpoint, and they soon accepted him as the new Chief. Returning to his secure hold, Skeezer has begun carving himself a small empire, absorbing some of the local goblin tribes into his own, to include the 'Ard Cap's and the Yellow Tooths. Since becoming the Chieftan of the Red Moon Tribe, he has taken the tribe on many raids into Imperial and Dwarven territories at the behest of Skarsik himself. Of late, the tribe is having a lot of encounters with a particular band of Dwarfs who seem to be travelling directly through the Red Moon territory.

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