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Chasseur de Démons
Manufacturer: Games Workshop
Category: SF

by thomas

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Chasseur de Démons

Chasseur de Démons

This mini won the slayer sword at the French 2003 Golden Demon, it's a demon slayer.
The base is Tyrius (scale 54 mm), an Inquisitor model. Everything that doesn't belong to Tyrius is sculpted (I used Milliput and plasticard for this mini), except some skulls on the top of the banner... The shield is inspired by John Blanche's artwork (you can see it in the WH40K rule book) I hope you'll enjoy it!
(sorry for the mistakes...)

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Viewer comments:
#419262 Rating: 10 10 May 2014
#303104 Rating: 10 17 Sep 2009
Are you F$%$# joking me?!? --- Do you sell a painting and converting tutorial that I can throw lots of money at?!?!
#182832 Rating: 10 22 Jun 2006
LOL and here i sit and try to paint and sculpt. Im a noob! haha, holy bejeezes this model is rocking! The work at the shield is just plain ..crazy..
#164003 Rating: 10 17 Jan 2006
Am....not.....worthy!...must....destroy....own models... Seriously: This is so well done that it scares me!!
#160649 Rating: 10 22 Dec 2005
Ufffff...gacks...can´t breath. How long did it take ya to paint/convert this piece of art?
#153034 Rating: 10 14 Oct 2005
This is THE COOLEST mini I ever seen. The first time I saw it I thought "this is what a mini should look like!!!", lets say I wasn´t surprised when I saw it was you who had done it - unbelievably good. Absolutely love it!!! Cheers //Alex
#148975 Rating: 10 15 Sep 2005
#145303 Rating: 10 21 Aug 2005
la claque !!! continue comme ça thomas, surtout t'arrêtes pas ! ps: j'ai cru comprendre que tu dessines aussi très bien, y a t-il une adresse où l'on peut voir tes esquisses ?
#138434 Rating: 10 26 Jun 2005
Great work overall!!! No problems except maybe that the weapon shaft is a tad plain. I love this shield! Its the best I've ::EVER:: seen.
#135637 Rating: 10 5 Jun 2005






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