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Manufacturer: Reaper
Category: Fantasy

by mousekiller


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Needs a name.

Needs a name.


Ivar Halbarad was born the fourth son of Lord Alistar Halbarad, who is appointed as the Lord Marshall of the Altdorf Guard, and a life friend and liegeman to Karl Franz himself. Ivar grew up in the Royal palace, and had the luxury of training both sword and hammer with some of the most renowned fighters of the Empire. He was just 18 years old when Karl Franz ascended to the throne in 2502, and accompanied the new Emperor to Nordland to repel a massive invasion by the barbarians of the north. Given charge of a small company of militiamen, Ivar soon proved his worth on the field of battle both by his individual courage and by his ability to maneuver his professionally untrained soldiers exactly where they were needed.

On the twelfth day of the battle, the small company, who had started calling themselves Sigmar’s Hammer, found themselves surrounded in a small copse of trees as they had attempted to maneuver to the flank of the barbarians. Outnumbered three to one, out maneuvered, and out positioned, the company was sure to be destroyed. Rallying his men, Ivar prepared them for one final charge against the enemy. With a quick prayer, he whispered “Sigmar, protect us.†With a swing of his hammer, he motioned the men forward.

It is uncertain exactly what happened, but if any man on the field that day was asked he would say that they were filled with the spirit of Sigmar himself, that every swing of their weapons was like the mighty arm of Sigmar reaching down from the heavens to smite the enemy from the field. And at the tip of the resolute Sigmar’s Hammer was Ivar Halbarad, his warhammer bringing death to any it touched.

After the Empire, under Karl Franz, routed the Northmen, Ivar and the Sigmar’s Hammer spent the next eight months scouring the countryside for the bands of chaos that persisted in Nordland. It was on a bright, sunny day that a rider entered the camp with a personal summons from the Emperor for young Halbarad, delivered from none other than Ludwig Schwarzhelm himself. “The Emperor has declared complete and absolute victory in the North, and wishes you to return to Altdorf immediately. The services of you, and of your men, are over. I have warrants of payment for all of your men, and personal thanks from his majesty.†Ludwig moved off a short distance, with a look that made it certain that he meant it when he said immediately, a look that said make your goodbyes.

Speaking to his second in command, Alfonse Darshire, he stated, “My friend, our days of fighting are over. The Empire has won. Through the help of Sigmar himself, we have persevered in battle after battle. Please, take the warrants of payment and go. Let Sigmar continue to protect you and our men as he has these last months.†Some would say they saw a glow around the two men, as if Sigmar himself were overseeing this farewell. Ivar spent some little time saying goodbye to the rest of his men before mounting and joining Ludwig for the long journey back to Altdorf.

Upon return, he was quickly summoned to the Emperor himself, with the Grand Theogonist, four of the Elector Counts, and his father also in attendance. “Your service will never be forgotten by me, or by the Empire. What is it that I can do to thank you for this?†Karl Franz asked, with respect and gratitude. Perhaps his answer would have been different less than a year past, but in a quiet voice Ivar replied “Sire, my service to the Empire is all the thanks I am required.†But, with a slight fever in his eye he added, “I wish to serve Sigmar. I wish to be his instrument, my lord.†With a loud bark, the Grand Theogonist clapped his hands sharply. “We don’t normally accept men of your age into the priesthood, my young lord, but you are exceptional, and thus an exception will be made!â€

Nearly three years later, with the robes of the Warrior Priest wrapped around his shoulders he found himself again summoned to the presence of the Grand Theogonist, who had given him the opportunity to be closer to Sigmar. Though his years had been spent in study, and constant meditation, the Grand Theogonist had not forgotten him. “Ivar, you are needed in the East. I have rumors from Stirland of the dead stirring again. But, more importantly, I have rumors that say a Warrior Priest by the name of Luthor Huss has been sighted, and he is going to need all the help he can get.â€

Manufacturer: Reaper Warlord, 14036 Halbarad, Crusaders Cleric

Sculptor: Werner Klocke

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