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Pieter Von Carstein was once a minor noble of Sylvania, one of the few Von Carsteins to be able to claim that lineage. That was the only thing of remark of the noble, as everything else about him was less than remarkable. Pieter was short in stature and his looks were extremely plain. Even as the master of his estate he could do nothing of note; many of his people starved, his farms withered, and his cattle and other animals were malnourished. What Pieter did have was a tendency to sulk, and was quick to throw temper tantrums. He also enjoyed torturing small animals, the sorts of animals that could do nothing to defend themselves. His father was rumored to have fallen ill when Pieter was young, and it was during this time that Pieter first realized his true calling, to bring pain to those who cannot defend themselves. As his father lay sick with disease, Pieter took great pleasure in cutting small strips of skin from his father’s body, just a little every day and would even practice breaking different bones during the forty-six days that his father lasted until finally passing away. Pieter also found that he enjoyed the taste of the flesh, and so after his father died villagers of his estate began to disappear. Only the weak or sick would go missing, and no one ever suspected that the puny lord of the estate would be the culprit.

It was a chance encounter that brought Vlad Von Carstein to his estate. On an evening that danced with lightening and reverberated the sounds of thunder and rain through even the most interior of buildings, Vlad banged upon the manner door. Pieter at first tried to wave the traveler away, but something about this man seemed to draw him in. Inviting him into the house, it was not long for Vlad to realize the true character of this unremarkable lord, and delivered him the blood kiss and name Von Carstein.

At first Pieter felt empowered by his new life, was drunk on the strength that undeath gave him. That is, until Vlad was defeated in Altdorf and the remnants of his army fled. Scouring the Drakwald Forest in hiding for nearly two years, Pieter became much more wild, forced to feed on deer and rats, and occasionally he would come across a small herd of Beastmen. Emerging from the forest Pieter soon found what remained of the Von Carsteins, with Konrad seeming to take the lead. As Konrad prepared to march against the Empire again, he dispatched Pieter and Jarek to the city of Nuln, with a massive army easily capable of overrunning the city. But Pieter once again proved his inadequacy by leading the army into a prolonged siege, against the counsel of the onetime Grand Master of the White Wolves, Jarek. Jarek could see the folly in allowing Pieter to continue to lead, and so one night led the Witch Hunter Helmut Van Hal to the coffin where his brother resided, with a promise to deliver either Pieter's heart or Jarek would consume the heart of the Witch Hunter himself. Van Hal lifted the lid of the coffin and drove a stake into the heart of the sleeping Vampire. Pieter thought he had prepared well enough, with lesser vampires perched in the rafters above in the event of something like this. When Pieter screamed, these vampires awoke and swarmed the Witch Hunter. In the melee, Van Hal managed to kill three of the beasts, while three more were able to obtain their master and flee with him. Van Hal cut out the heart of one of these lesser vampires and delivered it to Jarek, who held it aloft to the amassed army and declared “My brother Pieter is dead. You will obey my orders from this day forward!†and promptly ate the heart.

In an instance, his mind was awake. Darkness all around him, but he could feel the presence of new and old dead, some with the mindless need to serve but others with malicious intent. Trying to move his body, he found that none of his muscles would respond. How long had it been? Without even trying, he could feel his presence waking the newly dead around him, and with a simple thought they were off to find sustenance to help bring his decrepit body back to vitality. In the meantime he began channeling his thoughts to the older bones in and around the crypt, stationing skeletal soldiers around him to ensure no one bothered him while he replenished. But in the back of his head, so faint that he could barely make it out, the same phrase kept repeating... "he is coming!"

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