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CALUS DARKLORE, Wizard of the Amethyst Order, Necromancer
Manufacturer: Reaper
Category: Fantasy

by mousekiller


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CALUS DARKLORE, Wizard of the Amethyst Order, Necromancer

CALUS DARKLORE, Wizard of the Amethyst Order, Necromancer

CALUS DARKLORE, Wizard of the Amethyst Order, Practitioner of Necromancy

Calus Darklore tipped the spout of the watering can to the side, allowing the water to slowly drip its way into the pot on the shelf.  In the pot grew a large green stem, with beautiful budding yellow flowers, each petal striped with a small purple line.  This particular flower gave off a very sweet scent, of which Calus took the time to enjoy.  Growing up, he had always been surrounded by flowers, plants, and fruit trees, and so felt very relaxed and invigorated when around them.  The nostalgia of thinking about his youth, the days spent in care free abandonment, without a worry in the world scampering about the vast gardens and groves at the imperial palace.  His father, Hermus Grinsgar, was an expert botanist and held employment as the Chief Royal Gardener.  Those happy days.

Walking to the center of the large room, Calus picked up the small, razor sharp, knife that was soaking in a clear liquid.  The young man that was tied to the table saw this, and began squirming about with the very little room the ropes allowed.  Calus started humming a tranquil tune as he leaned over the man and began an incision down the center of the body.  "Mannfred, Mannfred, where have you been?" The tune went.  "Where have you been Mannfred?  I've been fighting in the woods, and fighting in the rocks, fighting in the swamps again!".  Calus gave a low chuckle.  The children's song that he heard so many times had become his mantra when he did this type of work, it helped to keep him calm and allow him to concentrate.  Just as he did conducting similar work on the animals of the palace, in the happy days.

Reaching into a bowl to grab a handful of the beautifully scented flowers, Callus carefully placed them inside the crevice he had created down the mans body.  Nearly as quickly, he produced a needle from his robes and started the process of sewing the incision back up.  Even after spending over ten years studying at the secretive Amethyst College in Altdorf and learning the arts of Shyish from some of the greatest magisters to rise in the college, Calus found that he had to work with living specimens.  Of course, none of the magisters had taught him this specific type of magic, as it was strictly outlawed in the Empire, and so, to be fair, he was trying to work it out on his own.  Reaching back to the sterile cup he grabbed a very skinny, pointed dagger and placed it directly over the mans heart.  With an adept motion the blade sank deeply, and as it did Calus muttered a few dark words.  The man stopped whimpering.  It made him remember visiting his father before this trip, for the first time since first enrolling in the college.  Such a strange thing, this day, so many memories.  Initially, his father was so happy to see him, until he learned that Calus had studied the arts of Shyish.  His father may have been a great botanist, but he still held many of the silly superstitions the were rampant across the low people.  Some of the details that day were still a bit muddied, but looking at the life drain out of this young man's eyes brought back that memory, of the last time seeing his father in a similar state, on the floor of their spacious home in the palace.  His home, in the happy place.

The difference now after a few moments, was that life, maybe better described as un-life, came back to the eyes of the body on the table, as well as a low, deep growl of hunger.  Calus quickly untied the ropes, and with a simple command from him, the zombie lifted itself off the table to exit the dwelling.  It shambled into the small garden outside, where a small group of other zombies aimlessly shambled around.  While observing his work, a black crow landed on the small fence beside him and looked at him quizzically.  With squawk, it delivered it's now daily message.  "He is coming!" 

Manufacturer: Reaper Miniatures
Sculptor: Jim Johson
Completed: 2016

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