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NEB'NESEW, Tomb King of Khardov
Manufacturer: Reaper
Category: Fantasy

by mousekiller


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NEB'NESEW, Tomb King of Khardov

NEB'NESEW, Tomb King of Khardov

Manufacturer: Reaper Miniatures Warlord 14236, Neb'nesew Nefsokar Warlord

Sculptor: Tim Prow

Waking as if from a long dream, Prince Neb'nesew wondered where all of the servants were, why he was alone in his great temple. Reaching out with his mind he began to summon them to him, for he was of the blood and would not be without a retinue. The first that he felt was of an ancient being, one even more ancient than the himself, and a perfect being to serve the Prince again. He felt his retinues as well, and another, his wife the queen.

Sheltered inside of a great pyramid, now lost to the sands, Neb'Nesew was once a great king that ruled over Khardov, situated in the once fertile Valley of Bashar. At its height, the city thrived in agriculture, and was known to be a great place of trade and prosperity because of its location next to the deep Nilesque River. During Neb'Nesew's reign he expanded his control along the entire length of the river, from the capital city of Khardov to the port city of Nebsanew on the Gulf of Medes all paid tribute to use the river. This only happened because, as a ruler, Neb'Nesew was ruthless to his enemies and any who stood against him.

After years of war to secure the kingdom, Khardov went through a decade of relative peace. Neb'Nesew would have never suspected that his queen would plot against him with his brother, Khafar. And so it was that Neb'Nesew, the great conqueror, would die in his bed of poison, given to look as if he had the plague. Upon his death, the city mourned his passing with sorrow, carrying him to his great pyramid that was built for this day and Khafar quickly ordered that his household, personal guard, and his queen would be entombed with him to serve him in the afterlife.

Khafar would succeed, as his queen had not provided a son, but his ineptitude in government would see the collapse of the kingdom within the span of four years. But, as Neb'Nesew emerged from his pyramid, now buried in the shifting sands of the great southern desert, he did not see the emptiness that was before him. Instead he saw his once great city, now buried even deeper than his pyramid. In front of him he saw the great river that was the life blood of his kingdom, a river that had succumbed to the desert heat nearly six centuries before. And he saw the treachery of his brother, and he knew he would take his army to defeat the traitors!

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#471551 Rating: 10 19 Aug 2021
Excellent piece!






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