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MACDEATH, Chosen of Khorne
Manufacturer: Games Workshop
Category: Fantasy

by mousekiller


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MACDEATH, Chosen of Khorne

MACDEATH, Chosen of Khorne


Born of a harlot of Kurgan's Harem, MacDeath was an unnatural birth from the beginning. After days of labor, the infant tore through the stomach of his mother and feasted upon her flesh as his first meal. Kurgan immediately bowed in reverence when he saw his own child gifted with the mark of Khorne emblazoned on his forehead. Knowing full well that this was a sign from Khorne that this child was destined for great things, and that Khorne would let no harm come to the boy, he brought three of his fiercest war hounds to a pit and dropped the baby boy inside. MacDeath, even in his infancy, landed feet first and brutally strangled all three mutts to death, proceeding to suckle blood as if feeding from his mother when he was finished. His father then fashioned a great cloak from the hides of the hounds and gifted it to his son. This victory would be but the first of many that Khorne would challenge him with.

During his tenth year, MacDeath encountered a monstrous demon of a horse. After four days of fierce battle, MacDeath finally wrestled the beast to the ground and forced it into submission. Over the next years a great resentment grew in the tribe from Kurgans favoritism of his son, and in his 16th year twenty one of his brothers entered his tent to slay him, only to find death for themselves. Now the skulls of his brothers decorate his horse and cloak, a deadly reminder to all of his kin of who now rules the clan.
In his twentieth year, a bestial demon visited MacDeath while he was out hunting. The Demon itself challenged him to personal combat and a clash of immense power emerged. The Blood Thirster, filled with rage as these demons tend to be, charged forward bellowing. MacDeath waited for the charge patiently, sidestepping at the last moment to leap upon the monsters back and using every muscle he possessed to grasp the horns protruding from the demons head wrenched its head unnaturally, snapping its neck. Both beast and man slumped to the ground, and when MacDeath looked up again the Demon was gone, replaced with a monstrous ethereal face which he knew to be the spirit of Khorne.

“You will be my champion in the times to come!” The voice of Khorne bellowed. “Take the bastards of Kurgan forward and unite the tribes. Those who do not submit to you will add their skulls to my throne.” Motioning towards the ground at MacDeath’s feet, the presence spoke again. “I gift you this blade with the spirit of this greater Demon. Go now south MacDeath, and return only when the world once again bows to the will of the Chaos Gods!”

Manufactured: Games Workshop 5th edition
Sculpted: Gary Morley
Painted: 31 May 2010

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