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Confrontation Hyena
Manufacturer: Rackham
Category: Fantasy

by Arjay

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Confrontation Hyena

Confrontation Hyena

The customer asked me to paint this guy similarly to the official version. I was more than happy to do this because Rackham's original colour scheme for this miniature is superb and I knew that It'd provide a very positive learning experience for me...

As always comments and suggestions are much appreciated...

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Viewer comments:
#75636 Rating: 9 27 Feb 2004
Straight out of the Lion King. Very cool.
#75588 Rating: 10 26 Feb 2004
O.K. Arjay, now your just showing off!
#75515 Rating: 10 26 Feb 2004
The fidelity to the rackham paintjob is without words... i love how those colours fades one into another. Hope to see her mistress Managarm painted soon
#75487 Rating: 10 26 Feb 2004
wooooooooooooowwwwww...I have choked with a cookie that I was eating!... lovely soft.. I apreciate the base so much too...great use of colors. for me:a 9,4
#75485 Rating: 10 26 Feb 2004
That is some sick blending. This truly is one of the best pieces on the site.

#75474 Rating: 9 26 Feb 2004
Beautiful colour graduation. Now for all I know this is called a 'Fire Hyena' or some such and those are meant to be flames. Regardless, the hair LOOKS like dull flame and it's graduation down the body just like source lighting. Sooooo nice
#75470 Rating: 9 26 Feb 2004
this orange cast is beautiful! very smooth job, Arjay... but well, you must be used to it
#75469 Rating: 10 26 Feb 2004
it's not a conversion but a 10 again ,for me it's perfect,please do me a similar work!!!
#75467 Rating: 10 26 Feb 2004
hum..what can I say else than WAOUW!
#75466 Rating: 10 26 Feb 2004
Really awesome...a great painting technique here!! Bravo!






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