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Manufacturer: Privateer Press
Category: Steampunk

by cyril

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#84674 Rating: 10 12 May 2004
Cyril, un style toujours copié jamais égalé. Continu de nous faire rêver. C'est magnifique. Cyril is MAGIC !!
#81886 Rating: 9 21 Apr 2004
OMFG! That is the most clean paintjob I have ever seen - fantastic work! I especially like the subtle light and shade work on the face. A birt of dirt and wear on the uniform wouldn't hurt - but then again, it would be a shame to spoil such a flawless paintjob.
#81803 Rating: 10 21 Apr 2004
just amazing. i love the base
#78206 Rating: 10 19 Mar 2004
It is real !, I would like to watch this miniature walking and speaking, you made this figure to come alive.
#77697 Rating: 10 15 Mar 2004
Really nice paint job, you are very clean with your brushes, you know?
#77554 Rating: 9 13 Mar 2004
I agree with Rachel, here. This is a little too monochromatic. Still, the paint is perfect. I still want to know how you get your surfaces so smooth.
#76845 Rating: 10 7 Mar 2004
Can you paint one that isn't perfect?
#76830 Rating: 10 7 Mar 2004
C'est beau... Y'a pas grand chose d'autre à dire. Awesome job here Cyril !
#76602 Rating: 8 5 Mar 2004
Ohh, I'm going to get yelled at for this seeing the other comments, but - 8-8.5. I think the colours are smooth and gorgeous, but the overall effect is a bit dull - maybe a little more red or metal to liven it up? I know she's a sniper, but still, I wouldn't give a 10 to a total-camo mini for the same reason. Also, her skin is nice but with the blacklining around her eye and hair she looks rather like a doll. Overall very nice though, and the base rocks.
#76514 Rating: 10 5 Mar 2004
cyril, à quand une slayer dans ton salon? non, parce que la, ton niveau, et ton expérience es (presque) sans pareil... rien q'avec le jeu des ombres et des lumière tu me coupe le souffle, mais vu comment tu sais nuancer à la (presque, eh vi, personne n'est parfait...) perfection les couleurs, je frole prsque l'asphyxie!!!! en bref, tu peinds extrèmement bien, tu mérite une hola, les honeurs de toute la ML, un tapis rouge, un jet prvé.... etc... bon je m'enflamme, autant te dire bravo, tout simplement. drexlarr,de la ML, qui en train de baver sur la photo de ta fig...






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