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Sea Nymph
Manufacturer: Reaper
Category: Fantasy

by mrika

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Sea Nymph

Sea Nymph

She is unfortunately a quickie job. Which is just a horrible thing to do to such a lovely sculpt. She was done in about 6 hours.

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Viewer comments:
#100236 Rating: 10 2 Sep 2004
Best Mini I´ve ever seen!!!! Awesome skin!!! Beyond Great!!
#100121 Rating: 10 1 Sep 2004
WOW! Love it, well done...
#92550 Rating: 10 6 Jul 2004
Good god! Is she ever lovely! The effect on her skin seems almost irridescent. Subtle and superb. I am so jealous of what you have done with her. Simply put...WOW!
#92209 Rating: 10 2 Jul 2004
The skin on this is great, just what an underwater dweller would have! I kinda see what you mean, the colors are a little muted, with only 3 basic color areas, but the overall effect doens't suffer, far from it, it brings out an even more "sea washed" look!
#89278 Rating: 10 13 Jun 2004
Absolutely stunning! Do you give painting lessons? Shaz
#78168 Rating: 10 19 Mar 2004
6 hours huh? Beautiful skin tones.
#76950 Rating: 10 8 Mar 2004
I like the color of the shells. Great job on the water, the skin-tone, and capturing the overall mood of the model. (rot yittmey ghom Hoch) *Everyone encounters Tribbles occasionaly*
#76920 Rating: 9 8 Mar 2004
AAUUGGHHH! I couldn't do this in 6 WEEKS, let alone 6 hours! Beautiful!
#76856 Rating: 9 7 Mar 2004
I love the water effect, how did you do it? Of course, I love your paint job too, particularly your choice of colors.
#76822 Rating: 9 7 Mar 2004
Wish I could do this in 6hrs!!! I think it is a wonderful job. She has a very soft look to her. Great job!






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