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Exorciste du Griffon
Manufacturer: Rackham
Category: Fantasy

by Arkaal

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Exorciste du Griffon

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#99736 Rating: 9 30 Aug 2004
I would actually give you money to learn what paints you used to get that nmm effect...greys are so subtle of a color to work with and you've really hit it with your recipe. The body strapped to the chest looks like a manikin giving the mini an overally "postapocalyptic" feel...don't like it. But everything else, superb. 9.2
#98589 Rating: 9 20 Aug 2004
Incredible painting. The metal is very realistic. I find the colour scheme too cold, but thats just personal taste.
#82883 Rating: 10 28 Apr 2004
The NMM is perfect. I prefer this one to the original painted by Rackham !
#82851 Rating: 9 28 Apr 2004
Great metal, and the book is awesome! What stops me from giving it a perfect 10 is the glossy appearance of the brown clothing and a personal preference with not loving the base. (Nitpicking, yes, but that's what brings a 10.)
#78579 Rating: 9 22 Mar 2004
Whoa, the NMM is killer!
#78050 Rating: 10 18 Mar 2004
Du très bon boulot, très professionel. Un choix de couleur très bien fait, la point de rouge relevant le reste de la figurine. Rien à redire. En plus, la photo est belle. Je reste sur le cul ! KIK
#77986 Rating: 9 17 Mar 2004
Great Mini All Around. Confrontaion minis are great canvas' for painters and you do them justice.
#77302 Rating: 9 11 Mar 2004
Very nice looking steel! I love that non-SE NMM style.
#77231 Rating: 9 10 Mar 2004
et bah,c'est le griffon qui me plait le plus pour l'instant,la gradation clair en haut et obscur en bas lui donne un aspect inquietant qui lui va fort bien,il y avait peut etre plus de boulot sur Sered, mais à mon gout celle ci est plus interressante visuellement (8.8 pour celle ci et 8.7 pour Sered).






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