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Dragon Ogre Shaggoth
Manufacturer: Games Workshop
Category: Fantasy

by MicroArt Studio


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Dragon Ogre Shaggoth

Dragon Ogre Shaggoth

We presentragon Ogre Shaggoth

All comments welcome.

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Viewer comments:
#178335 Rating: 10 14 May 2006
#137007 Rating: 9 15 Jun 2005
quality,as for the colour scheme......... brilliant ....been tainted by the foul god of pleasure no doubt
#82362 Rating: 7 25 Apr 2004
while this is what comes to mind when i think of what a shaggoth should look like (two huge ass weapons) the hair and skin colors are a little wierd lookin to me
#82194 Rating: 8 24 Apr 2004
too bright for a shaggoth...
#78300 Rating: 9 20 Mar 2004
I can honestly say I see the skill that goes into this piece. Unfortunately, I dont like it.( which is unusal because I normally like ur work) Oh well I gave it a 9 because its not quite at the lvl of a 10
#78058 Rating: 8 18 Mar 2004
The painting is awesome, no question. But I think there are too many and too bright colours.
#77989 Rating: 10 17 Mar 2004
maybe shaggots are barbarians, but remember of their coming to this world: To become a mixture of dragon and ogre, bathing in lightning, was their way to survive when the Old Ones' gates collapsed. Every one of them lives from that moment on - they are ancient. and Chaos influences everything it touches - maybe even their wargear. I love the idea that Chaos Items are becoming more&more powerful and elaborate the more powerful their wielder becomes! The only thing i don't like about this paintwork are the horns...
#77959 Rating: 10 17 Mar 2004
I totally agree with "torifile"... awesome Greets Lenny
#77958 Rating: 8 17 Mar 2004
great paint job! but not for a shaggoth... shaggoths are barbarians i mean but good paint job
#77937 Rating: 10 17 Mar 2004
Wonderful freehand work! The shading is beautiful, and the blending is so smooth. Great color scheme, too.






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