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Elves Don't Always Wear Green
Manufacturer: Andrea
Category: Fantasy

by tabithatan

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Elves Don't Always Wear Green

Elves Don't Always Wear Green

Since I had another Legolas mini I decided to paint it up in a winter theme for the Headblast Designz Winter Showcase.

I took the inspiration for this look from seeing Aragon's coronation scene. However, unlike the previous version of this same mini, I didnt paint it true-to-movie because blue-white on snow white somehow looks...... too white for me.

I've sculpted a crown/circlet. At the time I was doing this mini, pics of the coronation werent out so I didnt really have an idea what the circlet looked like, so I made up my own from greenstuff and some imagination. I also painted his jerkin a purplish "brocade" to match his royal status and gave his cloak "fur" so that it matched the winter theme..... I did a lot of repainting with those two effects as it was my first time doing them.

Let me know what you all think of this mini. Comments are appreciated especially about the "brocade" and "fur" effect.

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#78349 20 Mar 2004
To answer a few questions: Yes, this is the 54 mm fig from andrea.. I had two of the same fig originally. The snow's vallejo's fine pumice, which incidently is stark white when it dries, so you gotta paint and drybrush it a little.
#78250 Rating: 9 19 Mar 2004
Absolutely beautiful! I can't get over his face, as close to perfect as I've seen! Only thing I can see is possibly next time a color other than black under the snow, and that's grasping for something.
#78237 Rating: 10 19 Mar 2004
Awesome job!! It looks exactly like him. I really like the fur cloak, it looks very realistic. From what I can see of the brocade, that looks pretty good, too. But that face, amazing!
#78231 Rating: 10 19 Mar 2004
Wow, lovely mini. How big is it? I love the fur cape and the rest of the colours work really nicely with it.
#78229 Rating: 9 19 Mar 2004
The whole thing looks great! The brocade is appropriately understated, and the fur looks very well groomed and cared for. Perfect for his Sunday Best!
#78228 Rating: 10 19 Mar 2004
You did a great job on this. I like the fur effect, it actually makes the thickness of the cloak more believable the brochade (?), the purple tunic actually looks as if it's a shiny silky material, is that what you were going for?. I love the skin tones, and the face is just amazing! The snow is great too, what did you use?
#78159 Rating: 9 19 Mar 2004
Like the cloak, the brocade doesn't seem to work as well, but ti amy just be the pictures. Is this the Andrea 54mm figure?
#78147 Rating: 10 19 Mar 2004
Total crap. You should be embarassed. Mail it to me and I will keep it in hiding for you. ;-)






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