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Leonatos, Blood Angels Captain
Manufacturer: Games Workshop
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Leonatos, Blood Angels Captain

Leonatos, Blood Angels Captain

This is miniature of the hero from The Black Library's BloodQuest Graphic Novel. It's based on the pose of the metal limited-edition miniature sculpted by Mike McVey. This miniatures is made from approximately 90 seperate plastic, metal, and sculpted pieces.

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#411652 Rating: 10 21 Jan 2014
I saw him looong time ago, over 10 years... After years I am really happy to see this mini is still great! I also remember whole squad "Bloodquest" - Slayer Sword winner. Timeless paintjob There is still Bobby's site with those minis, check in Google guys Regards-Slawol
#282560 Rating: 10 31 Jan 2009
If I could only add one mini to my favorites list this would be it. One of my all time favorite minis ever!
#261655 Rating: 10 11 Jun 2008
after all these years, still one of my favorite! well done Bobby, it's a great job!
#243732 Rating: 10 6 Dec 2007
definetly the best blood angel i have ever seen. WAYY better than 'eavy metal
#225163 Rating: 10 26 May 2007
*retracts comment from Feb. 2006* (seems a little immature not recognize preference)
#216636 Rating: 10 28 Feb 2007
his armor is completly realistic, down to the last detail, remember he is a captain his armor will be emaculat and space marines clean ther armor religiously, literaly.
#192457 Rating: 10 27 Aug 2006
you inspired me to make a blood angels army when i saw ur model in a white dwarf
#192072 Rating: 9 25 Aug 2006
Great mini. Nothing to say, but his eyes don't seem to be aligned. Everything else, outrageously perfect.
#190675 Rating: 10 17 Aug 2006
He has fish eyes.
#188911 Rating: 10 7 Aug 2006
Excellent, i agree with ogrebane concerning the sword though. @Aniulainour: He probably meant that in his eyes space marines, and veterans in particular, has battered and dirty armour. I agree with him, this mini isn't realistic. However that doesn't change the fact that it's one of the best minis i've ever seen






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