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Thor view #2 on sculpted base by James
Manufacturer: Reaper
Category: Fantasy

by Wappellious

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Thor view #2 on sculpted base by James

Thor view #2 on sculpted base by James

I thought I would take a stab at this mini myself

It is a really nice sculpt, but you have a bit of a no win situation when it comes to deciding on painting the figure with the arms glued on or off. Cathy did it with the arms not glued to the figure, which presented it own sort of problems. I tried it with the arms on, and that was its own nightmare.

Obviously, having the arms on made difficult to reach areas that much harder to deal with. I just didn't want to keep handling the hammer, etc, with the likelyhood of scraping away the paint.

As I said before, it is a fantastic looking sculpt. Aside from the logisitcal issues, there are lots of excellent surfaces, and opportunities to do some nice special things. The new Vallejo paints are really fantastic, and they were widely used on this mini.

The base is a 40mm with green stuff added to create the ice flow. There are other views of this figure posted as well.

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#127401 Rating: 9 23 Mar 2005
Just a tip on stopping paint coming off if you wish to do arms seperate. I wear a latex or latex-free glove, the sort first aiders use, i find it greatly reduces any likely hood of damage from handling (always put mini down of foam or something after painting of corse). Nice paint work nonetheless on this mini and i love the base.






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