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Sister of Battle Seraphim
Manufacturer: Games Workshop
Category: SF

by Hot Lead

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Sister of Battle Seraphim

Sister of Battle Seraphim

I painted this gal up for Gamesday Baltimore 2002. She made first cut there and in Chicago 2003 but never placed.

She started as a limited-edition Ephram Stern which I converted. I wanted to show a sweeping angelic look to the Sister, while keeping it 40K in flavor, so I made up metal wings from Eldar Phantom Titan wings. It was well-received by the public, but not the judges :^( (One of them even thought I'd used wings from another mini line, like I-KORE). I guess I was a little ahead of my time as the look is now definitely in for some of the SOB Witchhunter models. Oh well...

More pics on my site as usual.

Take care,

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#246757 Rating: 9 8 Jan 2008
The only thing I don't like is the hair colour, and the use of a flamer. It somehow doesn't look right - still looks cool, but it just seems to me that she should have a different weapon in that hand. Having said that, the SENMM and the flaming sword are LOVERLY, as is the rest of her.
#81197 Rating: 10 13 Apr 2004
Lazzlo, NMM looks great and the mod with the base is beautiful. No one, but no one paints fire as well as you.
#81070 Rating: 10 12 Apr 2004
Judges are usual stupids, i cant understand how easily they destroy a lot of hours of work from people, is incredible. Something similar has happened to me in Spain, dont care your mini is awesome totally. The wings are a bit strange for me but maybe you could have sculpted them... so what happend then??? They should have to be more polites whith, but i repeat more importnt is that people recognise your work, great mini!!! i love the idea!
#81036 Rating: 10 12 Apr 2004
I personally think you should have won especially when I saw it there, and I still do now, it is one of my personal favourite models...






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