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Eyriss - Mage Hunter
Manufacturer: Privateer Press
Category: Steampunk

by Holger Schmidt

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Eyriss - Mage Hunter

Eyriss - Mage Hunter

I was so impressed by the miniature when I first held her in my hand I had to build this little scene. More pictures on my website
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#235660 Rating: 10 16 Sep 2007
why isnt this a 10, its amazing and its just perfect, the modeling for this minature is perfect for this diorama and its beautifully painted!
#202683 Rating: 10 11 Nov 2006
One of the most original and best dioramas I have ever seen. Very cool.
#131458 Rating: 10 28 Apr 2005
Impressive,dynamic and extremely well painted.I just love the celtic knotwork and the broken glass effec.The face is also very expressive.Really one of the best "action" masterpiece I've ever seen.
#83678 Rating: 9 4 May 2004
one of the most dynamic mini here!
#81748 Rating: 9 20 Apr 2004
Oooh, that´s realy John-Woo-sty, very cool, I always liked this mini, but you finally combined it with a fitting surroundings - evry action-packed; paintjob is good too, the freehand on the cloak bottom is outright amazing
#81684 Rating: 10 19 Apr 2004
Now that mini tells a story. Great job. Any pics of the unlucky fellow getting a cap (bolt?) busted into his fool self inside? There's a sweet Matrix like feel to this. Just like the opening of Reloaded, fantasy style.
#81574 Rating: 10 17 Apr 2004
#81476 Rating: 9 16 Apr 2004
i like it very much..great idea...great composition and great painting...congrats
#81455 Rating: 10 16 Apr 2004
great idea and very well painted mini!
#81420 Rating: 8 15 Apr 2004
Awesome interpretation of Eiryss! The only thing that looks a little funky is the flatness of the bottom of her cloak; though I understand the difficulty here, since that's how the model is cast. Very dynamic and exciting scene!






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