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Iron Warriors Chaos Obliterator Lord - Khorne Hellforge
Manufacturer: Games Workshop
Category: SF

by Silphid

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Iron Warriors Chaos Obliterator Lord - Khorne Hellforge

Iron Warriors Chaos Obliterator Lord - Khorne Hellforge

My second conversion yet, involving making the right hand (original model has a lump), adding flesh and spikes on top of the armour, adding chainswords as claws, and the face was 80% sculpted from Green Stuff (I only kept the nose and part of the forehead). It's also my first attempt at source lighting on the lava base.

I wanted a different looking Lightning claws Lord for my upcoming army...

Tell me what you think! ALL COMMMENTS APPRECIATED!

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Viewer comments:
#252562 Rating: 9 12 Mar 2008
Great job, the base is stunning but there`s something weird about his pose... Has he thrown something or what?
#196774 Rating: 10 26 Sep 2006
awesome piece grats
#133221 Rating: 10 16 May 2005
Magnificus !
#121036 Rating: 10 4 Feb 2005
One of the best terminator lords I've ever seen. I might rip this off for my World Eaters, since I have an obilterator I havenlt glued up yet. Of course, its the paint job that really puts this guy over the top- great work!
#120261 Rating: 10 29 Jan 2005
You guys have no idea how good this really is. I have seen this up close and the picture really does it no justice.U ain't seen nothing yet. Vince freak everybody out and show them the rest!!!
#83196 Rating: 10 30 Apr 2004
This is an awesome rendition of the Obliterators. As an old player of the Iron Warriors I would of loved to have this as part of my army. Well done metallics - not to washed out - and great ugly skin. I like it better with the spikes on his back rather than the smoke pipes. The base is superb.. it doesn't overpower the miniature but is well done with asesome laval effects and blending. Awesome work... Keep it up!!
#81745 20 Apr 2004
The base lighting was only done on the side of the rocks on its base. The mention of Khorne in the title is rather only to increase views (shameless plug). The thing is, he's Chaos Undivided, but in an army which is slowly being pervertyed by Khorne. The troops changed their hazard stripes to red/black, the flesh is red, etc. It's really a Lieutenant in big hulking Terminator Armor, not exactly an obliterator. Now about the lightning claws, well I thought it'd look neat with chainswords as claws, so I modeled it and then declared them to "count as lightning claws". I'm in the process of making lava bases on all my models. More to come... Thanks for the comments guys
#81633 Rating: 9 18 Apr 2004
That model is sweet. The source lighting on the base is awsome, if you want you could show some light on his lower legs. The metallics are awsome.

#81616 Rating: 10 18 Apr 2004
I think he looks great and you made a really good job on this guy !! bravo
#81520 Rating: 8 16 Apr 2004
That is sweet. Well executed, and I know from experience that it is difficult to make an obliterator look good. I can't see the lighting source though apart from on the rock (none on the model) and it still looks more like an obliterator than a khorne lord (slow and methodical, sortof the opposite of khorne) and my final problem is that the lightning claws still look slow like powerfists, but these are minor points and I still think youve done a really nice job.






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