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Elementar of Darkness
Manufacturer: Rackham
Category: Fantasy

by bitbull

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Elementar of Darkness

Elementar of Darkness

After a long hiatus, another mini posted. I cant remember how often i had to glue his wing into position. grrrrrr.

Hope you like this offal-peddler.

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Viewer comments:
#100465 Rating: 10 3 Sep 2004
Very cool. The flesh/muscle/guts are un-real. Nice work.
#97265 Rating: 10 10 Aug 2004
One of the best minis I've ever seen and I've been playing RPGs for over 20 years.
#89531 Rating: 10 15 Jun 2004
Wow, its the first time I have seen this model in the flesh, so to speak! The paint job really does the model justice and I like the way you have gone with the tones.
#82334 Rating: 9 25 Apr 2004
The stuff of nightmares!!..................FANTASTIC!
#82276 Rating: 8 25 Apr 2004
Wow, most impressive indeed, great color palette, and you really got ot great 'flesh' and 'gut' tones! Wing is amazing too.
#82106 Rating: 10 23 Apr 2004
Pour avoir moi meme peint un elementaire de tenebres, je peux dire que c'est vraiment pas evident a peindre...mais celui là surpasse tout...bravo !!
#82046 Rating: 10 23 Apr 2004
Stunning paintjob!
#82011 22 Apr 2004
thanks folks! actually, i´d rather would have painted another wing instead of the body. this was literally a nightmare, the most time went into identifying the different guts/livers/younameit. the wing was done in minutes.
#81947 Rating: 10 22 Apr 2004
Really nice!!! I love the colors you used. The wing is well done! and the head is great too. Well done!
#81935 Rating: 10 22 Apr 2004
you're lucky there was only one wing really it would have been a pity not to show it, such a beautiful paint! this elementeal is absolutely disgusting, but so beautiful. And vahilor is right, the wing is marvelous!






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