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Daemon Prince of Khorne - World Eaters Chapter
Manufacturer: Games Workshop
Category: SF

by Rob Jedi

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Daemon Prince of Khorne - World Eaters Chapter

Daemon Prince of Khorne - World Eaters Chapter

This is my latest mini I finished up for a local comp. It came in first in the Elite category. I put a lot of work into modifying this sucker. I sculpted all the detail on the left shoulder pad to do up the World Eater iconography: teeth, gums, and lips as well as the pad edgeing. I also removed the ambiguous gun barrel from his forarm and sculpted a skull in it's place. I also trimmed back the piping guts he has and neatened it up by sculpted a belt buckle with a khorne symbol. I also added extra horns to the head and then resculpted the top of the head added skin ove the horns and adding an arrow along the middle with tiny skull rivets. I then added some bits from the bits box including a pair of scaberded swords and a few grenades. I also work up a dreadnaught base with lots of skull piles and a marine helmet and torso.

Painting was pretty much my entire red to orange to yellow collection of paint. I did my best to create a subtle lighting effect from the sword by having brighter yellow highlights around the sword and darkening the extremities of his lower legs and the skull arm thingies on his back to black.

Hope you all like him.

Slight update: I entered the Daemon Prince in the 40K large category at Games Day Oz 2004, he placed 2nd in what turned out to be a very packed category this year. He did me proud.

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Viewer comments:
#338274 Rating: 8 14 Jan 2011
have to agree with gustarmax, the planet somehow doesnt fit to the color scheme even if its a good idea with the world eating shoulder pad
#330024 Rating: 8 13 Sep 2010
that is a beautiful mini! my only point is that imo the planet on his shoulder doesn't fit with the composition.
#233211 Rating: 10 22 Aug 2007
This is really a work of genius. Blood for the Blood God!
#222839 Rating: 10 2 May 2007
i hate you
#172455 Rating: 10 24 Mar 2006
great job, just a little too red for my taste, lol.
#157091 Rating: 10 22 Nov 2005
Yeah. This is good stuff.
#151007 Rating: 9 27 Sep 2005
that is wicked sick, good work
#131672 Rating: 10 29 Apr 2005
Now thats what I like, a little MEAT with my Khorne. Great Job!
#118071 Rating: 10 13 Jan 2005
ITS PERFECT! Im too amazed to write anything.. Are you a holy person, painting LIKE THAT? 10!
#84563 Rating: 9 11 May 2004
this really is something the work on the shoulderpad and the head is awesome keep up the good work






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