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Narthalyssk, Green Dragon
Manufacturer: Reaper
Category: Fantasy

by Temperance


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Narthalyssk, Green Dragon

Narthalyssk, Green Dragon

I experimented with using an airbrush on this one for the initial "priming" -- most of the green coloration is from that. After, I did many brown washes to bring out scales. The orange wings, brown/pink front scales, and green wing "fingers" were painted with a brush.

The base is neat -- I found something called a 3" test cap at my local Menards (a home improvement place) in the PVC pipe section. It looks like a short top hat -- you cut the brim off, and it's a perfect 3" base for using in D&D. I drilled a hole in it and through the wood base and attached the figure base to the wood base with a nut and bolt. That way the wood base can be removed so the figure can be used in games.

It took about 15 hours of work total, but that includes quite a bit of work getting the base put together. It was painted in April 2004.

I entered it into Reaper's online painting contest for April.

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#86455 Rating: 8 26 May 2004
Another fine sample of your abilities, Peter. I really like the paintjob. And putting it up on such a wooden base is a real nice extra. Keep it up! Cheers Dirk aka Brushguy
#82836 Rating: 9 28 Apr 2004
That looks really nice. Wouldn't mine seeing a front on shot. Will visit your website on the off chance.
#82823 Rating: 9 28 Apr 2004
This is kinda great! Airbrushing was a good idea. A real stunner.






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