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Manufacturer: Games Workshop
Category: SF

by Minigrrrl


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right, and now for something completely different....This model has been one big experiment. i've been toying with different styles and techniques of late, and this is one of the earliest results. A very 'american' style, with very bright colours, 'internal/directional' lighting, and even some glass effect pieces(the scarabs and weapon). Very rare for me to do it like this, since i'm much more of a fan of the realistic aproach, but interesting to do nonetheless.

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Viewer comments:
#150693 Rating: 10 26 Sep 2005
The best Nightbringer....period.
#148336 Rating: 10 11 Sep 2005
Sorry, forget that last score.....I meant 10!!!
#148335 Rating: 6 11 Sep 2005
This is the best C`tan I`ve ever seen, congratulations, this is some piece of art!!
#124325 Rating: 10 27 Feb 2005
Oh, wow, this is a very nice painted Nightbringer...... In fact it is the best Nightbringer I have seen so far... The NMM is better than "real metal" and the sheme of colors kicks ass... Please continue being as good as this, Tamy, you really make the hobby more interesting and entertaining...... 10 Points...
#122339 Rating: 10 13 Feb 2005
just the best one i saw tammy!
#120696 Rating: 10 1 Feb 2005
I would like to steal a line from spiderman Creator Stan Lee and say, "Best Nighthbriger ever. 'Nuff said!"
#95409 Rating: 10 27 Jul 2004
Hum... what could i say? ... Argh! Yes i think that's it, "Argh!" seems to be something apropriate to say about that wonder. Bravissimo and forgive me for my english
#94852 Rating: 10 22 Jul 2004
Crazy paint! I can`t find an epiteths! Это лучший Найтбрингер, которого я видел, сочетание черного и горящего золота выглядит агрессивно и эффектно, а некронские иероглифы на покровах как зловещий шепот. Очень, очень сильная вещь! I just have not a words - 10!
#94489 Rating: 10 20 Jul 2004
This is why you are so well respected here and throughout the mini world. Stunning piece.
#93676 Rating: 10 14 Jul 2004
It's been said before, but WOW! This model is awsome! I'm not a greal advocate of the NMM style as i think metalics are good to use, but this!!! It fits the style of the model so well. The best part for me is the transition between the gold and black. It seems so real. There is so much life and movement put in to the model. I've not, and am sure i won't, see this model done better. Absolutely brilliant. Dom






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