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Empire mounted Lord.
Manufacturer: Games Workshop
Category: Fantasy

by tentoone

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Empire mounted Lord.

Empire mounted Lord.

Got a whole bunch of Empire minis on ebay at the moment and this is the Lord. Gold nmm armour and esnmm shield and lance tip. First go at a swirly patterned effect on the horse barding. He's come out well, though i should have added a bit of something to the base for decoration... Got lazy after Empire painting overload!

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#88831 Rating: 9 10 Jun 2004
Smooth and cool. I think the shield looks fantastic, and not actually too pastelly - more white on nmm really just looks like it's reflecting more of the available light - super-pale is what makes Arjay's nmm look so shiny and pretty. Also, although I'm sure you know, for anyone else reading this - ferpectly ok to use nmm and senmm on the same model, since they just represent different surfaces - senmm=highly polished and mirror-like, nmm is less so. I think possibly making the purple cloak more red-based would have sparked the colour scheme a bit, as it's a bit cold.
#88188 Rating: 8 6 Jun 2004
Good Lord! This is a beautiful piece. The color choice, the skill, the smoothness of the paint application, It's all Aces. I've got to give credit where credit is due and this model just plain rocks. Now that that is out of the way, the SENMM on the shield is too pastely, (pastely:def...colors mixed with too much white. Tending to the washed out side of the color spectrum. )which does go with the whole paint theme, but also gets washed out amidst the glorious blues of the barding. It's like, the shield is done greatly my man, but the colors are too tinted with white. The base is fine IMO. What more do you want, Lava? Skeletons, dead Orks? I think the base is above satisfactory. Nicely done. Especially the gold armor.
#86868 Rating: 8 29 May 2004
Very good both NMM and SE-NMM But I´m not sure if it is good to use both these techniques on one Mini..!
#86828 Rating: 8 29 May 2004
love the barding, it's very well done, but the face has hardly any defenition, which makes the model lose it's impact for me. It looiks like he has no eyes, but that might just be a trick of the light. A more spanky base would help, but I know exactly how it feels when you're sick of a model.






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