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Marissa Von Sonhan
Manufacturer: Games Workshop
Category: Fantasy

by bragon

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Marissa Von Sonhan

Marissa Von Sonhan

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#91461 Rating: 10 28 Jun 2004
trés classe, je suis de plus en plus fan de tes oeuvres,et ton socle a l air fabuleux.C est des mecs comme toi qui me donne envie de progresser,alors continu...
#91460 Rating: 10 28 Jun 2004
sorry didnt know the sword didnt pretend to be an NMM
#91456 Rating: 10 28 Jun 2004
A dónde va a llegar Jeremie Bonamant????? Where is your limit Jeremie??? You have done an incredible work with a fantastic mini! Discrepo..... se puede mezclar NMM con metales.... aunq eso va a gustos. Vaya figura, madre mia.........
#91455 Rating: 10 28 Jun 2004
Et bien, on dirait qu'on se decide enfin a s'arracher un petit peu... ca ressemble quand meme (avec la fresque du GD2004) a une etape de franchie vers les vrais sommets.
#91437 Rating: 10 28 Jun 2004
AMAZING, your best single entry ever done. My only criticism: NEVER MIX NMM WITH REAL METALS!!!! SEE YAAAAAAAAAAAAA
#91435 Rating: 10 28 Jun 2004
Félicitation gamin. Continue dans cette voie et tu finiras champion des bas relief. Juste un bémol conçernant la robe blanche et sur l'orientation de la tête. Mais sans conteste un 11 bien mérité,... non peu pas,... bon ben juste 10 alors
#91433 Rating: 10 28 Jun 2004
This mini is very (very) well done ! The highlights, the skin tone, the freehand on the horse bearding, everything makes this mini one of the bests i saw. I enjoy to see more of yours. I'm especially happy to see imperial characters painted with so much talent.
#91431 Rating: 10 28 Jun 2004
Totally amazing... I can't find any word...
#91430 Rating: 10 28 Jun 2004
marvellous. marvellieuse? just guessing at least I cant spot any flaws. top second on this site, probably.
#91429 Rating: 10 28 Jun 2004
What about the other side then?






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