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Celestine, the living Saint
Manufacturer: Games Workshop
Category: SF

by Albert Moreto Font

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Celestine, the living Saint

Celestine, the living Saint

My best miniature up to now. It won the absolute award in the 2004 Barcelona's GW painting contest.
My second attempt at NMM.
Wanted to create the contrast between the saint and the dark world of WH40k using the base and the colours.
It was painted too quickly, in 10 days, 13 hours per day, and 17 hours the last day, so you can understand in this conditions I couldn't do all I can (even if it ended being my best figure). I'll convert one and paint really as I can, time to show my skills has come!!
Please, leave comments, and rate the miniature, not the pic quality!
Hope you like it!
cheers, albert

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Viewer comments:
#92151 Rating: 10 2 Jul 2004
Beautiful, how cool is that base?
#92144 Rating: 10 2 Jul 2004
very very very nice work ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, love it
#92121 Rating: 10 2 Jul 2004
A very different interpretation of celestine, but in no way inferior to others; I think the colors you´ve chosen put this mini into a wholy new context, something rarely seen on special characters. I think it is needless to mention that the technique is beyound criticism, and I like the EC sword - it fits well!
#92115 Rating: 10 2 Jul 2004
aaaaaaaaarghhh.... 10 that's all ... you're becoming one of the very best !
#92086 Rating: 9 2 Jul 2004
really excellent Albert. the blendings seem greats, and i love your base. i think you could contrast more the face and the skins in general, more highlights...and your white (wings and bird) must be work again, more shades. a bit too coloured to my taste (green, blue,purple..) but this model stay so good, so clean, you're becoming a master . Allan
#92085 Rating: 9 2 Jul 2004
ola!! a mi me gusta mucho tu mini !!! congrats young padawan!!! jerems
#92032 Rating: 10 1 Jul 2004
Impresionante!!!!!!!!!!!!!! me (nos) has dejado flipado. has mejorado un montón. la peana es increíble, "sencilla" y curradísima. la mini es preciosa, los colores me encantan, al igual que tus nmm. está muy bien todo genial!!! quizás mucho curro para una mini de tienda, me parece que optaría a estatuilla! sigue así, vas a llegar muy lejos. salu2
#92025 Rating: 10 1 Jul 2004
una pasada..y la edad que tiene indica que es como para asustarse.. joder cabron, espero que no hayas mejorado tanto esculpiendo como pintando porque si fuese asi te auguro muchas goldens este año. los colores usados me encantan en especial el jade, y la cara es cojonuda.. la base preciosa, aunq el prepucio enroscado rosa ese q sobre sale no me cnvence porquee no se lo que es. pero en general es una pasada autentica.. la gente debio flipar en la tienda. tu mejor mini..nunca imagine que tuvieses este nivel
#92018 Rating: 10 1 Jul 2004
Albert, me quito el sombrero ante tal maravilla. En serio. no ha más palabras. Un respetuoso saludo, maestro. David
#92010 Rating: 10 1 Jul 2004
10, 10, 10, 10, 10, 10...........A big work for a young boy, he is 16 only!! so thats an enormous paint job for that. Congratulations Albert, my sincerely, i love your colour choice and blending this time, the idea of finishing lights with billious is just great! dark mini and resalting pinks and greens...... very good election, French wayyyyyy, im happy to see my pupil at the top. Yours is the future...... The base is amazing! Q puedo decir, enhorabuena, tengo q dejar de contactar contigo pq me desbancas en cuatro días, no te diré más secretos, te fijas en todo y lo reproduces al detalle..... no, en serio, me alegro de q estés ahí, tu i Iago sois el futuro.... q se va haciendo presente.






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