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space marine
Manufacturer: Games Workshop
Category: SF

by cyril

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space marine

space marine

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#359047 Rating: 9 28 Dec 2011
brilliant model, my only criticism is the OSL, never been a fan of it. in real life the eyes wouldn't be glowing like that, putting that aside how does the light make it to the top of the helmet/ above the eye, surely it should only be on the bottom of the lens. love the blood on the chainsaw as well good work again
#223855 Rating: 10 13 May 2007
je suis fan!(oué c'est pas constructif mais bon) sinon pour répondre a une question en ce qui concerne la lumiere: ce n'est pas forcement le reflet de la lumiere qui est représenté sur le casque mais peu etre plutot le coté eblouissanty si vous voyez ce que je veux dire...nan? bon c'est pas grave
#193007 Rating: 10 30 Aug 2006
#136023 Rating: 10 8 Jun 2005
10 évidemment, quelle question ! Toutefois, une interrogation, histoire d'être pointilleux et jaloux devant tant de talent: est-il normal qu'il y ait autant de reflet de lumière verte au dessus des yeux étant donné les rebords "important" du casque au dessus des dits yeux ??? C'est normal sous les yeux, mais au dessus...
#117626 Rating: 10 11 Jan 2005
another space marine masterpiece! great
#109989 Rating: 9 12 Nov 2004
Marvelous piece however I'd consider reworking the belt pouches.... The feel like they are out of place compared of the rest of the miniature
#104812 Rating: 10 7 Oct 2004
Great comparison, MIC ... *Daumen runter*
#103672 Rating: 10 29 Sep 2004
Absolutely incredible !!! just look at the level of the detail !! I´m sorry but I must ask ( don´t get offendet ) but do you use some kind of special equipment ( u know like a magnifying glass that are used by jewelers ) ?? Or do you have a special blending and layering technique ?? Sorry if u think i´m nosey but i really want to paint that well ( or at least half that well ). but again congratulations because the only thing iI see in this marine is sheer perfection * kneels * Please teach me Master !!!

#103295 Rating: 9 26 Sep 2004
The Chain Sword is excellent, I alos like the use of color here, you applied a real world feel to a Sci-Fi miniature. I can see this guy stompin across the desert of Iraq. The green eyes are again a nice feature. The Base on the miniature is also very fitting. Great Work. The Only problem I have is the chest eagle is not on par for me to the rest of the mini.
#98369 Rating: 9 18 Aug 2004
This is a brilliant piece. The only nit I'd pick is the source lighting from the eyes. The eyes would only illuminate the rims of the eyes. you've got them illuminating a large portion of the face, which would only happen if the eyes protruded from the face.






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