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Death corps of crieg guarsman with flamer
Manufacturer: Games Workshop
Category: SF

by Yellow one

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Death corps of crieg guarsman with flamer

Death corps of crieg guarsman with flamer

More pictures of my converted imperial guardsman, inspired by anime film " Jin Ron ". Based onto ordynary cadian, this model transformed into sinister german WW1-2 warrior. Bresent cloak, gasmask ahd huge boots maded from greenstuff. On the fuel can added a small pressured air ballon with manometr. Check a scorched sculls in the ash on base.

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Viewer comments:
#295999 Rating: 9 11 Jun 2009
My favorite part of the model is the fuel/pressure gauge on the back of the fuel tanks. The "glass" effect is amazingly well captured on that guage. Awesome! The eyes are cool as well.
#223206 Rating: 10 6 May 2007
c'est vrai que ce n'est peu etre pas assez parfait pour mériter 10 mais j'adore cette fig
#156527 Rating: 10 17 Nov 2005
Tu devrai faire vérifier les réservoirs par le CHSCT ...
#143710 Rating: 9 6 Aug 2005
I love Jin Roh. Nice conversion
#108712 Rating: 10 2 Nov 2004
top !
#95480 Rating: 9 27 Jul 2004
excellent, your painting technic seems not perfect, but good. but your minis are incredibly styled!! your style is great, dark, realistic, dirty, all i like i saw the other minis on your gallery, and i like how you paint the faces and the skin. keep on! Allan
#95466 Rating: 10 27 Jul 2004
Just been through your gallery, and your work just rocks. Keep posting.....
#94759 Rating: 10 22 Jul 2004
This has to be one of the most realistic mini I have ever seen. I just can't get most more realistic than this. So incredible work with all the details. I agree with Trevor, it looks like it could really work in real life. This has to be one of the best executions I have ever seen. just amazing....
#93137 Rating: 10 10 Jul 2004
Wow, what for an amazing Piece !!!!
#92837 Rating: 10 8 Jul 2004
again, just amazing. How did you achieve the rust effect?






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