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Three Shriekers (one a repost)
Manufacturer: Scratchbuilt
Category: Fantasy

by Temperance

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Three Shriekers (one a repost)

Three Shriekers (one a repost)

These were sculpted out of greenstuff in Nov/Dec '01 after the D&D mushroom monster. The first on the left was painted about the same time, and the other two were painted in June 2002. The stalk is made by twisting the putty. The head was made in several parts -- first a dime-sized bottom was slit with a razor for the pattern, followed by several cones in a circle for the pattern on the top ending in a small flattened sphere for the middle of the cap. Finally, the cap and stalk were pinned and glued together.

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Viewer comments:
#368963 Rating: 9 5 May 2012
Nice work! Love the paint job too.
#168056 Rating: 8 18 Feb 2006
"how come the wandering monsters always show up when they shriek?" - well duh, because there are adventurers to eat Nice 'shrooms, the colours are very fungal...
#80854 Rating: 9 10 Apr 2004
Well sculpted and wonderful painted!
#65955 Rating: 10 22 Dec 2003
Excellent work but how come the wandering monsters always show up when they shriek? How do they know its not just another monster or does the shrieking ever irritate the orcs so much they have mushroom stew?
#20260 Rating: 9 20 Nov 2002
Wow, how very kewl! I saw an article on making these, (yours?) but wasn't moved by it. Now that I see these striking paintjobs, I wanna make some! Mind if I imitate??
#9400 Rating: 8 23 Jul 2002
really nice job peter ... love the paint job on the one on the viewer's far right. Great idea.
#9054 Rating: 10 18 Jul 2002
Great job and I finally get to see them! ;-)
#8739 Rating: 10 15 Jul 2002
well I cant say how much I like this as I now have the one on the far right keeping a few others minis I have collected company..the painting..the sculpting..the base is excellent..((I have dubbed him little Petey))
#8569 Rating: 9 12 Jul 2002
Peter, WOW lovely sculptures. I could think of quite a few pictures that would realy complete the project. Well done Brian
#7417 Rating: 9 24 Jun 2002
I wanna paint one of these too. I really like your sculpting. The improvement in your painting skill is also quite remarkable






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